Add Years to Your Life with Good Friends

Our connections to friends and all those around us are very powerful. They have the ability to shape our lives in more ways than we realize. Research shows that even your friends’ friends’ friends—people that you don’t even know—have the ability to affect your health, happiness, and behaviors. Weird, right? That’s why nurturing friendships with loyal, positive, and supportive people can play such a big part in adding years to your life.

The world’s longest lived people in Blue Zones® areas have long understood the power of social connectedness. Okinawans build moais—groups of five friends who commit to each other for life. Sardinians often meet up with friends at a local bar to finish their day. And Adventists of Loma Linda, California connect with their networks through faith.

Your Challenge (if you choose to accept):

Establish time each day to meet with members of your inner circle. Use positive peer pressure to encourage healthy behaviors by asking friends to join you for a walk, game night with your ohana, or a glass of wine using these handy, customizable invitations:

Let's Roll:

Wine @ Five:

Family First:


Mari-Ela Chock is the Statewide Engagement Lead for Blue Zones Project Hawaii.