Back to School Brushing

Here are some things kids love about going back to school: seeing their friends, after school activities, and recess. Here’s something they don’t: brushing their teeth. It’s never easy getting kids to brush, but getting them to do it in a rush on the way to school is ever harder.

When it comes to going back to school, kids are tired when they wake up and tired at bedtime. Waking up late, rushing to get dressed, grabbing breakfast, and remembering backpacks before rushing out the door can make brushing teeth a distant memory. But skipping this important routine is one of the easiest ways to get sick. It’s such a small thing, really — brushing for two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night — but it’s often one of the first tasks to get left behind.

Here are a few ways to make sure your child gets in their four minutes a day:

  • Let him pick out a new toothbrush as part of back to school shopping. A new brush is a fun way to get him excited about brushing instead of it feeling like a chore.
  • Pack and apple in her lunch. If brushing does fall by the wayside for a day, apples and other crunchy foods are a great way to clean teeth midday.
  • Encourage him to brush as soon as he wakes up. If you let him wait until you’re rushing out the door, it won’t get done.
  • Remind her to brush after dinner. That way she won’t have to worry about it when she’s tired and ready to go to bed.

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