One good laugh can relieve pain, stress, and more.

Big Laughs, Big Health Benefits

A good laugh can help you put your world in a positive perspective, even in your darkest moments. In fact, laughing is scientifically-proven to increase your endorphins and dopamine and reduce your pain and stress. But it's not just the physical act of laughing that helps improve your health – it's the humor that gets you there.

Humor increases your creativity, improves your problem solving abilities, and helps you cope with stress by giving you another perspective on your problems. It also improves your mood and reduces depression, anxiety, and tension. It even increases self-esteem and optimism. Participating in humor helps us bond with others, cultivate a sense of group identity, and be more friendly.

It's amazing that something so simple can be so beneficial. Why not take advantage of it?

Get together with some friends and go see a standup show, send your coworkers funny YouTube videos and wait for the LOLs in the next cubicle, and look for opportunities to have fun.

Honestly, just be social and laughter will come. Laughter is a by-product of interacting with others, which proves that being around others and making meaningful connections is what feeds our well-being.

So get thee to a comedy show…and don’t forget to bring a friend!

Speaking of comedy shows, be sure to check the blog for our coverage of Gridiron 2015: On Time and On Budget from August 27-29 at Diamond Head Theatre. This biennial fundraiser for the Hawai‘i Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists satirizes recent news events and is sure to keep you laughing. Go to to learn more.