DIY Holiday Gift Bags and Boxes

You made your list, checked it twice, got the gifts and now comes the wrapping! Can’t find a perfect sized bag or box to house those little treasures you found?  I’ll show you a quick and easy solution that’s both efficient and gentle on the wallet. It involves a little folding, but if you can master paper airplanes, you can do this too. 


Gift Bag

What you’ll need:
   •  Piece of paper (this demo uses a 7” x 12” piece)
   •  Craft glue

Fold and glue – top

Fold paper in half and slightly crease it to mark the center. Bring one edge of the paper about ¼” over the middle and fold. Fold the other side over so that it overlaps. Glue to secure.


Fold and glue – bottom

Fold up about 1” of the paper. Open it up and fold so that you form two triangles. (Note: You can use the creases and fold lines to help alignment.)

Next, fold the top flap downwards about a ¼” over halfway. Fold the bottom flap upwards so that it overlaps, just like when you wrap a gift. Glue to secure.

(Note: To ensure that you’re folding both sides equally, make sure that the two folds create a “square” shape – see the green outline on the image below.)

Shape and use

Fold over both sides of the bag to crease. Open your bag.  Using the crease lines, fold your bag into the traditional paper bag shape.

And you’re done! They’re easy to store so make a bunch and keep them handy for use all year long. Get a nice roll of thick wrapping paper and you can turn out dozens at a time!


Pillow Box (gift card holder)

What you’ll need:
   •  Cardboard tube – approx. 4 ½” long (hand towel roll or bathroom tissue roll)
   •  Decorative Paper, craft or wrapping – approx. 6” x 4 ½”
   •  Craft glue
   •  Pen
   •  Circular object for tracing, approx. 3” wide

Prep and shape

Flatten the cardboard tube. Using your circular object as a guide, draw an arc across both ends of your tube, front and back. Next, carefully fold your tube into shape.



Fold the paper about ½” to crease. Apply glue to the tube and the flap. Place on the paper glue side down and begin wrapping the paper around the tube. Apply glue to the other side and finish.



Fold the ends along the pre-folded lines. Done!