Five Moves to Jump-start Your Day

By the time I get ready for work, my co-worker Marysia Wu has already eaten breakfast, exercised for an hour, and started her work day. Wu wasn’t always an early riser but she changed her routine a few years ago to make the most of her mornings. “I realized that it’s good for my well-being to start my day working out,” she says.

My mornings are usually stressful. I wake up at the last possible moment, rush through breakfast, and head out the door already feeling behind. Although I exercise regularly after work, I know I'd feel more productive if I worked out in the morning. Plus, the National Sleep Foundation says that morning exercise can help us sleep longer and better.

I knew the benefits; all I needed was a routine. So I asked Tim Rabetoy, certified personal trainer and medical exercise specialist, for a simple morning workout. Rabetoy and certified running coach Jo-Anna Syverson showed me how to energize my mornings in the video below. If you try it out, let us know what you think!