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Raising Awareness for Child Abuse Prevention

By Fernando Pacheco
As part of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, Family Story Time events are hosted at various libraries around Oahu. Children who attend are treated to a story and a free goodie bag – fun for the kids, terrifying for me.

lifestyle DATE: 04/30/16

Preparing for the Spartan Race Trifecta

By Fernando Pacheco
Branding an event as the “world’s best obstacle race,” sets a high bar of expectation. The Vermont-born company known as Spartan Race is up for the challenge. After 130 events in 15 countries and six continents in 2014, the action returns to Kualoa Ranch this year with the Spartan Race Trifecta.

fitness DATE: 07/10/15

Dealing with Road Rage

By Fernando Pacheco
The convenience of smartphones and social media has brought road rage videos to the limelight, publicly shaming drivers and sometimes even affecting their career. So how do we manage our stress in traffic?

health DATE: 08/24/15

Gout: A Wake-Up Call For Change

By Fernando Pacheco
Well-Being Hawaii sat down with HMSA Engagement Solutions Manager Darin Jitchaku, who agreed to share his experiences with gout. The 37-year-old was diagnosed with gout in 2013. While others in his situation may be discouraged, he saw it as a much-needed catalyst for change.

health DATE: 09/26/15

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

By Fernando Pacheco
Johnson’s weight had crept up to 434 pounds after a knee surgery. After frustrations in finding clothes in his size, especially pants, he sat down with his doctor and explored the option of bariatric surgery.

health DATE: 11/27/15

Dengue Fever Prevention in Hawaii

By Fernando Pacheco
This fall, the Hawaii State Department of Health considers the entire island of Hawaii to be at risk of the infected mosquitos and without proper prevention, could spread to other islands. It’s important to keep the risk of dengue in Hawaii low and protect yourself from mosquito bites.

health DATE: 12/01/15

Fitness Trends to Try in 2016

By Fernando Pacheco
The first steps to a new you can be intimidating. With new exercise regimens and fitness tracking devices coming out every year, where do you begin? In order to get a handle on what the fitness world holds for 2016, I reached out on social media for input on the latest trends.

fitness DATE: 01/05/16

Living ‘Minimally Modern’

By Fernando Pacheco
“Minimally Modern” is what Richard calls his current lifestyle – accepting modern life and its conveniences at a minimal level. By sticking to his own money-saving tips, he was able to bring his electricity bill down to $30 a month without a solar PV system.

lifestyle DATE: 01/07/16

Upcycled Banana Planters

By Fernando Pacheco
There are a bunch (pun intended) of alternative uses for the banana’s peels and leaves, but what about its thick base that you just spent the last 15 minutes chopping away at? I decided to cut myself two logs from the base in order to make planters for my garden.

lifestyle DATE: 01/29/16

20 Ways to Upcycle a Kamaboko Board

By Fernando Pacheco
Upcycling is a way of life in my household. So you could imagine my gears turning when we finished our loaf of kamaboko one night and was left with a wooden board. Here are 20 ways to upcycle your next leftover kamaboko board.

lifestyle DATE: 02/17/16

Straight Razor Shaves Can Do You Good

By Fernando Pacheco
Once considered as the most common way to shave a man’s face, some men now go through life having never shaved with a straight razor – myself included. Are there real benefits to shaving with a straight razor?

lifestyle DATE: 03/30/16

Smooth Recovery: Appreciating Jazz

By Fernando Pacheco
Jazz has evolved with various influences over the decades, however it will always have a “let loose” quality. Could this be why jazz is good for you?

lifestyle DATE: 04/04/16