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The Evolution of an Aunty

By Jamie Nakasone
This Mother's Day, let's not forget about other positive female role models in our lives. Well-Being Hawaii blogger Jamie Nakasone describes how she gradually grew into her role of aunty to her two nephews.

lifestyle DATE: 05/05/16

Hurricane Preparedness For Pets

By Jamie Nakasone
Blogger Jamie visits the Kauai Humane Society for the first time and reflects how (in 1992) she gathered money from her coworkers and sent a donation to the struggling shelter in the aftermath of Hurricane Iniki. Hurricane season ends in November - plenty of time to make sure you have the right provisions for you and your pet.

lifestyle DATE: 09/05/16

The Way to a Man's Heart Is a Sandwich

By Jamie Nakasone
It's National Sandwich Day! Blogger Jamie Nakasone explains why her husband treasures the sandwiches she makes for him. She also includes some helpful tips for enhancing the average sandwich.

food DATE: 11/03/15

Promoting 'Fitness for Everyone' in Pukalani

By Jamie Nakasone
Blogger Jamie Nakasone writes about how her cousin Sean Higuchi persevered to realize his dream of opening his own fitness gym in his home town of Pukalani, Maui.

fitness DATE: 04/19/16

Well-Being Rocks: Food Safety Every Day

By Jamie Nakasone, Fernando Pacheco
Well-Being Hawaii presents a fun and educational music video for National Food Safety Education Month in the style of Schoolhouse Rock. Created by WBH bloggers Fernando Pacheco and Jamie Nakasone.

food DATE: 09/12/16

Lion Dancing With Well-Being Hawaii

By Jamie Nakasone
In this video, three of our bloggers take a crash course in Chinese lion dancing. What does it take to operate one of the fuzzy, winking lions? Watch and see.

lifestyle DATE: 01/27/17

Well-Being Hawaii at Comic Con Honolulu

By Jamie Nakasone
This is a video blog about hobbies and how they benefit your life. We interviewed people at Comic Con Honolulu and included a health coach for some expert commentary on the topic.

lifestyle DATE: 08/10/15

Well-Being Hawaii Taste Test: Cherimoya

By Jamie Nakasone
In Well-Being Hawaii's first taste test video, watch as our bloggers encounter an intriguing fruit called the cherimoya.

food DATE: 01/26/16

Escape Rooms: Exercise for Your Brain

By Jamie Nakasone
Escape rooms are becoming popular on the mainland and they recently have made it to Hawaii. It's a fun and challenging group activity to do with your friends, family, or coworkers. While you're finding clues and putting them together to solve the puzzle, you're also working your brain and honing your communication and team skills. So how did the Well-Being Hawaii crew do? Well...

lifestyle DATE: 04/22/16

Taste Test: Fresh Eggs vs. Store-Bought

By Jamie Nakasone
What's your "taste"? Do you prefer fresh eggs or the store-bought kind? We put the question to Well-Being Hawaii bloggers Trey and Christa.

food DATE: 03/24/16

Pick Up a Book for International Literacy Day

By Jamie Nakasone
For International Literacy Day, we asked four book lovers to chime in on why they read and to recommend some of their favorite stories.

lifestyle DATE: 09/08/15

Our Top Holiday Travel Hacks

By Jamie Nakasone
Traveling for the holidays this year? You're in luck! In this piece, the Well-Being Hawaii bloggers share their own personal travel hacks. Try some of them out to make your trip just a little easier. Then, share some of your own with us.

lifestyle DATE: 12/14/16