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6 Lessons We've Learned From Mom

By Lynn Shizumura
In honor of Mother's Day, Well-Being Hawaii shares lessons we've learned from our moms.

lifestyle DATE: 05/06/16

Hurricane Food Gone Healthy

By Lynn Shizumura
Helpful tips for eating healthy during a natural disaster.

food DATE: 08/19/15

Fun Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

By Lynn Shizumura
Fun, easy ideas to help you celebrate Grandparents Day.

lifestyle DATE: 09/09/15

Guilt-free Pumpkin Pie Parfait

By Lynn Shizumura
A guilt-free pumpkin pie dessert recipe from Blue Zones Project Hawaii.

food DATE: 11/18/16

Oh! Obon Season

By Lynn Shizumura
This post provides an overview of the bon dance season in Hawaii.

lifestyle DATE: 06/25/15

2015 Hawaii Dragon Boat Festival

By Lynn Shizumura
This blog provides an overview of the 2015 Hawaii Dragon Boat Festival.

lifestyle DATE: 07/23/15

6 Ways to Stay Cool on Summer Runs

By Lynn Shizumura
This article provides an overview of ways to stay cool on summer runs.

fitness DATE: 07/24/15

Yelp Kicks Butt: City Running Tours

By Lynn Shizumura
Our recap of Yelp Kicks Butt: City Running Tours!

fitness DATE: 08/11/15

Catch Tandem Surfing at Duke's OceanFest

By Lynn Shizumura
An inspiring profile of a world championship tandem surfer turned mentor. The ITSA Waikiki Tandem Pro will be held in Waikiki on Thursday as part of the Duke's OceanFest.

lifestyle DATE: 08/25/15

Rice Fest Honors Our Favorite Grain

By Lynn Shizumura
The 6th Annual Hawaii Rice Festival honors Hawaii's favorite grain.

lifestyle DATE: 08/30/15

5 Bone Health Tips for Runners

By Lynn Shizumura
Five facts and tips runners can use to help keep bones strong and healthy.

health DATE: 09/18/15

4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fitness

By Lynn Shizumura
Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or have been training year-round, spicing up your routine can help you stay on track. Here’s our list of four ways to freshen up your fitness this fall to help you stay motivated through the holidays.

fitness DATE: 09/30/15