3 Easy Ways to Read More Books

Jamie Nakasone
Lynn Shizumura
March 02, 2018

Today is National Read Across America Day, which promotes a pastime that improves our vocabulary, increases brain activity, and reduces stress. If you’re a daily reader, chances are you know how to find time to read. But if you’re getting into the habit again, these tips are for you:  

Use your down time 
Find pockets of time when you can spend 15 minutes or so reading. Everyone’s daily life is different, but we all have moments when we’re not occupied. For example, at a doctor’s appointment, whether it’s in the waiting room or in the exam room, you’re almost always guaranteed to wait. 

Need more examples? The obvious ones are your lunch hour or break time, or right before you go to bed. How about the park while waiting for your kid’s practice or at the airport cell phone area while you wait for your visitor? If you carry a book with you, you’ll find there are many opportunities to read. 

Choose well
If classic novels don’t interest you, find a genre that does. Go to a library or bookstore to flip through young adult books, graphic novels, short story collections, poetry, autobiographies, and more. You may be surprised to learn that young adult books include sophisticated plotlines or that graphic novels aren’t just about superheroes. Use a journal or an app to keep track of books you’ve finished, started, or may be interested in later. 

Make it a group activity
Reading the same books as your loved ones can help to promote healthy habits and social connection. Read the same books as your children, friends, family members, or significant other and discuss it afterwards. The possibilities are endless. 

When do you find time to read? Share your tips with us. 

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