6 Lessons We've Learned From Mom

Lynn Shizumura
May 06, 2016

Mother’s Day is a great time to reflect on all that we’ve learned from our moms. They’ve taught us practical skills (how to write thank you notes) and important life lessons (try your best always), while ensuring that we were protected and cared for. This Mother’s Day, the Well-Being Hawaii team shares six lessons that we’ve learned from our moms. 

1. "My mom taught me how to make hospital corners with bed sheets, give clothes a good snap when they come out of the washer and before they’re hung to dry, and the importance of keeping an orderly kitchen. I took many of these practical life skills for granted until I got married and had to teach them to my husband." – Jamie Nakasone   

2. "One of the most powerful things my mom used to say was, ‘You can do anything if you just put your mind and effort into it.’ This helps me whether I’m at a crossroads or trying to accomplish a goal. My mom also taught us practical financial skills such as signing checks, balancing a budget, and getting a job early in life." – Denise Lau

Lau (far right) with her mom and sister. 

3. "This may sound funny but it was my mom who taught me how to be a father. I don’t think it was ever her intention but like many single moms, she had no choice but to fill both parenting roles. She couldn’t show me how to throw a baseball correctly but she would be at every game and taught me to have fun and be optimistic, whether I win or lose. What I treasure most is that she taught me the joy of sharing your art with others. I try to incorporate all these life lessons with my two daughters." – Fernando Pacheco 

Pacheco and his family. 

4. "When my siblings and I would fight with each other or our friends growing up, my mom used to say, ‘Friends will come and go, but your family will always be there for you.’ It’s so true!" – Jessika Garcia  

Garcia and her family.

5. "My mom is the consummate caregiver. After raising three children, she cared for six grandchildren and her aging parents. And she did all of this while still working a full-time night shift at First Hawaiian Bank. She gave up a lot of sleep to care for everyone, but I don’t think she considered it a sacrifice. She just did what’s natural to her. She’s always there for those she loved and who needed her love. I hope to someday be half the person she is." – Craig DeSilva

DeSilva with his mom in childhood and today. 

6. "I learned to be a little more creative from my mom. She made holidays extra fun, volunteered to teach crafts to our elementary school class, and helped me and my brother build elaborate dioramas for school projects. Because of her, I love to plan events and take classes such as photography and lei making. She also influenced my brother, who is an elementary school teacher and regularly plans crafts for his students." – Lynn Shizumura 

Shizumura and her mom on Halloween. 

How has your mom influenced your life and well-being? Share what you've learned in the comment section below.  

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