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Crossing the Molokai Channel

By Ash Tsuji
New Hope Canoe Club Sr. Master Women 50+ crew paddled in the 39th Annual Na Wahine O Ke Kai .

fitness DATE: 10/23/17

Amy Pottinger’s Pork Belly Tacos

By Ash Tsuji
Food Network Star finalist Amy Pottinger shares her recipe for pork belly tacos.

food DATE: 11/20/17

Exercise is Mental

By Ash Tsuji
When exercising, it's important to focus on the mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

fitness DATE: 01/03/18

Celebrating Pedestrian Safety

By Ash Tsuji
Celebrate Pedestrian Safety Month with these safety tips from Walk Wise Hawaii.

lifestyle DATE: 08/24/17

Amy Pottinger’s Chocolate Truffle Creme Brulee

By Ash Tsuji
Food Network Star Amy Pottinger shares her recipe for Chocolate Truffle Creme Brulee.

food DATE: 03/08/18

Book Festival Welcomes Yamaguchi and More

By Ash Tsuji
Going to the Hawaii Book & Music Festival? Find out when you can see Kristi Yamaguchi, Jake Shimabukuro, Blue Zones Project, and more.

lifestyle DATE: 05/04/18

Amy Pottinger’s Sunrise Papaya Bowls

By Ash Tsuji
Amy Pottinger will compete in Comeback Kitchen for a chance to return to Food Network Star. She shares her recipe for Sunrise Papaya Bowls.

food DATE: 05/23/18

HMSA Celebrates 80 Years of Service

By Ash Tsuji
On June 1, 2018, HMSA celebrates their 80th Anniversary.

health DATE: 06/01/18

Amy Pottinger Wins Comeback Kitchen

By Ash Tsuji
Hawaii resident Amy Pottinger wins Comeback Kitchen and returns to Food Network Star!

food DATE: 06/11/18

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

By Jessika Garcia
It's always a good idea to take time out of your day to think of the things you are thankful for to make you happy, but did you know that cultivating an attitude of gratitude can do more than make you a happier person?

lifestyle DATE: 11/23/16

5 Desk Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

By Craig DeSilva
Studies show that sitting has become the new smoking. Sitting too long at your desk in front of the computer can shorten our lives. But just a few minutes of exercise a day at your desk can help you move more. Here are five simple deskercises you and your co-workers can do at work.

fitness DATE: 05/16/18

Building Your Workout Playlist

By Fernando Pacheco
According to some recent studies, it’s not just which music you’re listening to during exercise… it’s how and when you’re listening to it.

fitness DATE: 03/31/17