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Pets Are the Best Medicine

By Christa Hester
We had a playdate with some #Uberpuppies from the SPCA in March. Learn how pets can help your health and well-being.

health DATE: 04/11/16

Healthy as a Horse

By Christa Hester
See how HMSA member Eddie Nakata strengthens his well-being through horseback riding.

health DATE: 05/18/16

Need to Know: Drowning Prevention

By Christa Hester
When you live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it's important to know how to stay safe in the water. Read these beach and safety tips before you and your family head to the pool or beach.

health DATE: 07/13/16

The Do’s & Don’ts of Contact Lenses

By Christa Hester
August 22-26 is National Contact Lens Health Week. Learn how to keep your contacts clean and your eyes healthy with a few simple tips.

health DATE: 08/22/16

Gudetama 'n Things

By Christa Hester
Help victims of the Kumamoto earthquakes in Japan by buying special Gudetama-inspired dishes at Eggs 'n Things.

lifestyle DATE: 10/03/16

Daikon Slaw

By Christa Hester
Put aside your standard hot dog slaw for one that pays homage to the tangy goodness of banh mi.

food DATE: 10/05/16

Mulled Apple Cider in 4 Easy Steps

By Christa Hester
We may live in Hawaii, but we still get the winter chills! This holiday season, warm up with this 4-step recipe for hot apple cider.

food DATE: 12/01/16

DIY Holiday Bath Bombs

By Christa Hester
These bath bombs make inexpensive, adorable gifts for the holidays.

lifestyle DATE: 12/20/16

Choose a Heart-Healthy Holiday Season

By Christa Hester
Look for the American Heart Association's red heart with the white check mark to make healthy eating easier.

food DATE: 12/27/16

Life after a Trans-Pacific Organ Donation

By Christa Hester
Have you ever thought of donating an organ? Nurse Elizabeth Lehman, who recently donated her kidney to Cherish Matautia, wants you to know that it's the greatest gift you can give.

health DATE: 04/24/17

Summery Citrus Salad

By Christa Hester
Need something quick and easy to take to a summer BBQ? Try this 4 ingredient fruit salad.

food DATE: 07/26/17

Ornish-inspired Japanese Curry

By Christa Hester
Who says comfort food can't be good for you? Try this vegan, low-fat, heart-healthy, Ornish-inspired Japanese curry.

food DATE: 02/09/17