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Beating Breast Cancer Before 40

By Craig DeSilva
The American Cancer Society released new guidelines this week for breast cancer screenings. The guidelines recommend women get mammograms starting at age 45 instead of age 40. Meanwhile, 1,200 women under age 40 die of breast cancer every year. Thirty-nine year old Makiki resident Christa Wittmier is beating the odds and winning her battle with breast cancer.

health DATE: 10/22/15

Coping with the Holiday Blues

By Craig DeSilva
The holidays are meant to be a joyful time. But for many people, it can cause the “holiday blues.” Feelings of melancholy from the loss of loved ones or unhappy memories of the past often surface during the holidays. The holidays can also cause stress that affects your emotional and physical health. We have tips from a local expert to help beat the holiday blues.

health DATE: 12/08/15

Hit the Slopes this Winter

By Craig DeSilva
Are you a first-time skier? Here are some tips to remember if you're a novice snow bunny like me hitting the slopes this winter.

fitness DATE: 01/20/16

Healing Through Art

By Craig DeSilva
Veterans display their artistic talents in the annual Veterans Creative Arts Competition at the VA Center at Tripler Army Medical Center. The event showcases their talents in visual arts, performance, and creative writing. Veterans say art helps improve their physical and social well-being.

lifestyle DATE: 03/11/16

Color Your World With Feng Shui

By Craig DeSilva
Planning some DIY home projects for spring? Consider a fresh coat of paint to turn your home from drab to fab. And when choosing paint, consider colors to bring you good feng shui. The right color for your walls could bring more love and money to your life. Clear Englebert, author of Feng Shui for Love & Money, tells you which colors can bring your more balance and harmony.

lifestyle DATE: 03/19/16

Finding Peace Through Beachcombing

By Craig DeSilva
Beachcombers say searching beaches for treasures is good for their health and well-being. It gets them out in nature, is good physical exercise, provides a sense of serenity, and gives them purpose through the act of searching for treasures. A network of beachcombers will attend the Seventh Annual International Beachcombing Conference, starting May 11 in Waimea on Hawaii Island.

lifestyle DATE: 05/09/16

Bruschetta with Tomatoes

By Craig DeSilva
Bruschetta means “to roast over coals.” Each region in Italy has its own way of preparing bruschetta – either topped with salami, sautéed mushrooms, or simply with olive oil. Whatever’s fresh and in season. My version takes a healthier route. I use whole grain bread instead of white. I also add some Mediterranean flavors, like olives and feta cheese. Make it for an appetizer or side dish in place of rice or pasta.

food DATE: 09/15/16

Your Holiday Giving Guide

By Craig DeSilva
The holiday season is a time for giving – not only to family and friends but also people you don’t know who are in need of basic food, clothes, and household items. Are you in a giving mood this holiday? We have some tips on how to make someone's holiday jolly and bright.

lifestyle DATE: 11/29/16

Remembering Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later

By Craig DeSilva
Hawaii is in the spotlight this month for the 75th anniversary of the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor. Every year the anniversary helps us remember the lessons learned from the Japan attack that led the U.S. into World War II.

lifestyle DATE: 12/07/16

Dr. Oz in Hawaii to Partner with HMSA

By Craig DeSilva
Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the popular The Dr. Oz Show, is in Hawaii to talk about ways we can improve our health and well-being by using new technology.

health DATE: 02/16/17

Rebirth of Taro Farming on Maui

By Craig DeSilva
Hokuao Pellegrino is restoring a taro farm in Waikapu on Maui that's been in his family since 1848 to perpetuate ancient traditions.

food DATE: 04/04/17

Love, Money, and Feng Shui

By Craig DeSilva
Try feng shui -- the Chinese philosophy of harmony -- to help boost your love life and bank account. Best-selling author and Hawaii feng shui consultant Clear Englebert talks about how you can invite positive energy into your life to attract love and money. Englebert will offer free lectures at Oahu libraries this month that cover topics from his two books, "Feng Shui for Love and Money" and "Color Your World with Feng Shui."

lifestyle DATE: 04/18/17