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Giving UH Wahine Volleyball a Boost

By Craig DeSilva
Ray Cruz’s blood runs University of Hawaii Warrior green. As a member of the UH Wahine Volleyball Booster Club, he helps contribute to the athlete's success both on and off the court. Since 1987, the booster club has supported the team by providing monetary donations, special program events like potlucks for the players after games, and an overall positive atmosphere for the players.

lifestyle DATE: 11/21/16

Your Holiday Giving Guide

By Craig DeSilva
The holiday season is a time for giving – not only to family and friends but also people you don’t know who are in need of basic food, clothes, and household items. Are you in a giving mood this holiday? We have some tips on how to make someone's holiday jolly and bright.

lifestyle DATE: 11/29/16

Broadway Musical Shows Lessons of Pearl Harbor

By Craig DeSilva
The Broadway musical Allegiance is a story about how a family held itself together while being forced to stay at a Japanese internment camp during World War II. The show has Hawaii ties and will be shown on December 13 in movie theaters nationwide. The screening comes as Hawaii commemorates the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

lifestyle DATE: 12/02/16

Remembering Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later

By Craig DeSilva
Hawaii is in the spotlight this month for the 75th anniversary of the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor. Every year the anniversary helps us remember the lessons learned from the Japan attack that led the U.S. into World War II.

lifestyle DATE: 12/07/16

Recognize Signs of a Heart Attack

By Craig DeSilva
Even if you're physically active and don't have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you can still be at risk for a heart attack. We'll tell you about your risk factors and what you can do to help prevent heart problems.

health DATE: 02/08/17

Dr. Oz in Hawaii to Partner with HMSA

By Craig DeSilva
Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the popular The Dr. Oz Show, is in Hawaii to talk about ways we can improve our health and well-being by using new technology.

health DATE: 02/16/17

New Year’s Resolution Check-In

By Craig DeSilva
The Blue Zones Project can help keep you on track with your New Year's resolutions.

health DATE: 02/23/17

Rebirth of Taro Farming on Maui

By Craig DeSilva
Hokuao Pellegrino is restoring a taro farm in Waikapu on Maui that's been in his family since 1848 to perpetuate ancient traditions.

food DATE: 04/04/17

Art Therapy for Veterans

By Craig DeSilva
Art therapy is helping Hawaii veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other physical and psychological ailments. The Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System at Tripler Army Medical Center has an art therapy program where veterans can explore their artistic side to heal both their mind and body. The veterans enter their paintings, photographs, sculptures, writings, musical performances, and other art forms in the annual National Veterans Creative Arts Competition.

health DATE: 03/20/17

Love, Money, and Feng Shui

By Craig DeSilva
Try feng shui -- the Chinese philosophy of harmony -- to help boost your love life and bank account. Best-selling author and Hawaii feng shui consultant Clear Englebert talks about how you can invite positive energy into your life to attract love and money. Englebert will offer free lectures at Oahu libraries this month that cover topics from his two books, "Feng Shui for Love and Money" and "Color Your World with Feng Shui."

lifestyle DATE: 04/18/17

Celebrate Art at Honolulu Biennial

By Craig DeSilva
Art is good for your physical health and overall well-being. It can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and exercise the creative side of your brain. The Honolulu Biennial gives you an opportunity to enjoy paintings, photographs, installations, and other works from 33 contemporary artists throughout Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region. It brings different cultures together in one show. This is the last weekend to see the Honolulu Biennial. So if you had a busy week, the Biennial is a great way to unwind this weekend while enjoying great art.

lifestyle DATE: 05/05/17

From Trash to Treasure

By Craig DeSilva
One child’s trash is another child’s treasure. Hawaii’s youth will have an opportunity to sell their used toys, books, clothes, and other household items at the Keiki Swap Meet this Saturday in Kakaako Gateway Park next to the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center.

lifestyle DATE: 06/22/17