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Walk with a Hilo Doc

By Lynn Shizumura
Meet Craig Kadooka, M.D., the organizer of the Walk with a Doc program in Hilo.

fitness DATE: 12/08/17

Bonding Over 'Bond' at the Movies

By Jamie Nakasone
One of our bloggers went to the movies to indulge her love for everything James Bond. Here's her review of the newest Bond movie, "Spectre," starring Daniel Craig as 007.

lifestyle DATE: 11/06/15

Kalo: Life of the Land

By Craig DeSilva
Kalo is a food that was plentiful in ancient Hawaii. It's being cultivated in modern Hawaii and used as part of a healthy diet.

food DATE: 06/15/15

Got Plenty Lychee?

By Craig DeSilva
This summer was a good season for lychee in Hawaii.

food DATE: 07/22/15

Fourth of July in Hawaii and Beyond

By Craig DeSilva
Well-Being Hawaii writers will be spending their Fourth of July holiday weekend with family, friends, and pets. They'll watch fireworks displays, see a summer blockbuster movie, read, garden, and clean their house.

lifestyle DATE: 07/03/15

Laughter: The Best Medicine

By Craig DeSilva
The Society of Professional Journalists Gridiron show that pokes fun at news events and news makers is a good stress relief for both audience and performers. Studies show that laughing is good for your physical health and overall well-being.

lifestyle DATE: 08/31/15

Dealing with an Empty Nest

By Craig DeSilva
College is a time for students to grow into adulthood, have new experiences, and fend for themselves for the first time in the “real world.” But what about mom and dad at home? Here’s some expert advice for parents dealing with the empty nest syndrome.

health DATE: 09/28/15

Hawaii Woodcraft on Display

By Craig DeSilva
Check out the Hawaii’s Woodshow™ 2015 Na Lau‘au o Hawai‘i exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art School Gallery at Linekona. This annual exhibit celebrates the art of woodworking and showcases the best of Hawaii’s woodcraft artists. Sponsored by the Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA), the exhibit also promotes the environmental and cultural importance of Hawaii’s forests and precious woods like kamani, koa, milo, and Norfolk pine.

lifestyle DATE: 10/08/15

Feng Shui for Love and Money

By Craig DeSilva
Money can't buy you love, but feng shui can help you with both. In his new book "Feng Shui for Love & Money," Clear Englebert provides practical solutions to help you improve your relationships and pocketbook.

lifestyle DATE: 10/21/15

6 Lessons We've Learned From Mom

By Lynn Shizumura
In honor of Mother's Day, Well-Being Hawaii shares lessons we've learned from our moms.

lifestyle DATE: 05/06/16

Cut the Cost of Paradise with a Little Creativity

By Danielle Douglass
Living in Hawaii isn’t easy on the wallet. Use these tips from Well-Being Hawaii bloggers to cut some of the cost of paradise.

lifestyle DATE: 01/04/16

Our Top Holiday Travel Hacks

By Jamie Nakasone
Traveling for the holidays this year? You're in luck! In this piece, the Well-Being Hawaii bloggers share their own personal travel hacks. Try some of them out to make your trip just a little easier. Then, share some of your own with us.

lifestyle DATE: 12/14/16