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Instilling Healthy Habits in Kids

By Danielle Douglass
Instilling healthy habits in children starts at home with parents. Read tips from our Well-Being bloggers on how you can set your kids up for the healthy lives possible.

lifestyle DATE: 01/11/16

Salad for People Who Hate Salad

By Danielle Douglass
If you're a salad nonbeliever, here's a few tasty, filling and nutritious salad ideas for you to try. There are many benefits to regular salad consumption, including saving money and getting in more fiber in your diet.

food DATE: 01/22/16

Health is the Greatest Wealth

By Danielle Douglass
Jason Coleman makes a killer smoothie. These days, he hears this sentiment often. Just a few years ago, it was this remark from family and friends that inspired the then 42-year-old to open Leahi Health.

food DATE: 02/06/16

Hiking to Hanakapiai Falls

By Danielle Douglass
Hanakapiai Falls is an 8-mile advanced hike on the island of Kauai. Read our tips for hikers who want to challenge themselves with this breathtaking hike.

fitness DATE: 02/15/16

Quiche: A Filling and Cheap Dinner Idea

By Danielle Douglass
Making a filling and healthy dinner packed with protein doesn't have to be expensive! Check out our recipe for crustless goat cheese Greek-inspired quiche.

food DATE: 02/25/16

5 Bodybuilding Moves for Women

By Danielle Douglass
Women don’t need to be afraid of lifting weights. In fact, women that lift weights are often lean, mean, fat-burning machines! Well-Being Hawaii caught up with Jaclyn White, Healthy Lifestyles Director at Windward YMCA to learn the top five bodybuilding moves for women.

fitness DATE: 02/29/16

The Healing Power of Music

By Jan Montgomery
When you look at her today, you’d never guess that Susan McCreary Duprey, the founder and artistic director of Windward Choral Society and director of the Kona Choral Society, once struggled to comprehend music. But when she was 27, she was faced with some tough challenges.

health DATE: 03/02/16

Easy Peasy Coconut-Mashed Sweet Potatoes

By Danielle Douglass
Sweet potatoes are loaded with taste and nutritional benefits, and can lower your risk of developing heart disease and cancer. This simple recipe from Blue Zones turns one of our most loved vegetables into a healthy side dish your whole family will enjoy!

food DATE: 12/21/16

'Spiralizing' for a Healthier Diet

By Danielle Douglass
This is one new kitchen tool you have to try! Spiralizing vegetables makes it easy to add more produce to your diet.

food DATE: 01/12/17

Hawaii Fitness: Bryan Clay Exercise Park

By Danielle Douglass
See how easy it is to use the exercise stations to get in a great outdoors workout at the Bryan Clay Exercise Park!

fitness DATE: 02/22/17

Back to School: Healthy Snacks

By Danielle Douglass
Hawaii's Department of Education has nutritional guidelines for snacks at school. These five simple and easy snacks meet the DOE's nutritional guidelines and taste great!

food DATE: 08/03/17

Fo Real Fitness: Kettlebells

By Neal Iwamoto
Fo Real Fitness talks kettlebells and shows five basic moves.

fitness DATE: 07/31/15