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4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fitness

By Lynn Shizumura
Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or have been training year-round, spicing up your routine can help you stay on track. Here’s our list of four ways to freshen up your fitness this fall to help you stay motivated through the holidays.

fitness DATE: 09/30/15

Blue Zones Project Kicks Off in Hawaii

By Christa Hester
Blue Zones Project officially launches in three communities in the state of Hawaii. Here's to a happier, healthier community!

lifestyle DATE: 10/22/15

Color Me Calm

By Lynn Shizumura
Well-Being Hawaii tries adult coloring books, the latest trend in stress relief.

lifestyle DATE: 11/05/15

Hurricane Food Gone Healthy

By Lynn Shizumura
Helpful tips for eating healthy during a natural disaster.

food DATE: 08/19/15

Fo Real Fitness: BOSU Balance Trainer

By Neal Iwamoto
A review of the BOSU balance trainer.

fitness DATE: 06/15/15

Fo Real Fitness: Swiss Ball

By Neal Iwamoto
Fo Real fitness shows three Swiss (stability) ball exercises.

fitness DATE: 08/07/15

Fo Real Fitness: TRX®

By Neal Iwamoto
An overview of TRX straps with three sample exercises.

fitness DATE: 08/14/15

Our Top Holiday Travel Hacks

By Jamie Nakasone
Traveling for the holidays this year? You're in luck! In this piece, the Well-Being Hawaii bloggers share their own personal travel hacks. Try some of them out to make your trip just a little easier. Then, share some of your own with us.

lifestyle DATE: 12/14/16

Ways to Survive Cold and Flu Season

By Jamie Nakasone
You know, we're in the thick of flu season, and you don't want to miss out on any holiday cheer by catching a cold or flu! We took to social media to discover what some people do to stave off getting sick, plus what they do once they do catch cold.

health DATE: 11/16/16