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Brown Rice Cereal Bites

By Denise Lau
An easy way to swap a sugary rice krispie treat to a healthier version using puffed brown rice.

food DATE: 09/01/15

How to Run Your First Marathon

By Denise Lau
Tips from runners on how to run your first marathon.

fitness DATE: 09/12/15

Controlling Gestational Diabetes

By Denise Lau
Tips from a mom on how to manage your gestational diabetes.

health DATE: 09/19/15

Rice Alternatives

By Denise Lau
Like most people who live here in the islands, I love rice. And up until this past year or two, I would eat a large serving of white rice daily.

food DATE: 09/06/15

Tips to Keep Your Family Active

By Denise Lau
Family fitness tips from Moms in Hawaii

fitness DATE: 10/06/15

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

By Denise Lau
Dealing with pregnancy loss for Infant Loss Awareness Day.

health DATE: 10/15/15

Making Strides to End Breast Cancer

By Denise Lau
Signs and symptoms of breast cancer to look out for and ongoing research that is coming up on the horizon.

health DATE: 10/24/15

Achieving Balance as a Mom

By Denise Lau
Moms In Hawaii gives us tips on being balanced as a busy parent.

health DATE: 11/04/15

Hiking Do’s and Don’ts

By Denise Lau
Tips from Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources on how to stay safe while hiking our trails.

fitness DATE: 12/03/15

Support Key for Breastfeeding Moms

By Denise Lau
What you need to know about breastfeeding, starting the process and getting the support you need to nourish your baby.

health DATE: 12/05/15

Holiday ‘Mocktails’: Healthy Cocktail Alternatives

By Denise Lau
Simple non-alcoholic healthy drinks you can make for your next party!

food DATE: 12/23/15

Keiki Car Seat Safety

By Denise Lau
Tips on installing a car seat safely.

health DATE: 01/03/16