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Hiking Ka’ena Point Trail with Kids

By Denise Lau
A gorgeous day spent hiking Kaena Point Trial with kids.

fitness DATE: 01/15/16

Why Cervical Cancer Is Still a Problem

By Denise Lau
Why cervical cancer is still a problem now that we have an HPV vaccine and Pap test guidelines have softened. Why a woman should still be screened to avoid cervical cancer.

health DATE: 01/19/16

Getting Nuts Over Macadamia Nuts!

By Denise Lau
Finding the health benefits of a local favorite the macadamia nut while touring the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut factory in Keaau, Hawaii.

food DATE: 02/19/16

Using Friends to Get Fit

By Denise Lau
A few HMSA employees make each other accountable and workout during the week. The small steps to better health leads to great results!

fitness DATE: 04/02/16

April Is Autism Awareness Month

By Denise Lau
One mom shares her challenges raising a four and 12-year-old with autism. It's a tricky balance taking care of her children and making sure they get the best education while always staying healthy and happy. She's thankful to her family and special educational services to help her cope and ensure her family's well-being.

health DATE: 04/16/18

Hawaii’s Superfood: Pineapples

By Denise Lau
A tour of the Dole processing plant and pineapple fields let's us discover the health benefits of this local treasure. Amazingly, the workers also share a longevity secret!

food DATE: 04/29/16

Enjoying Nature’s Health Benefits in Hilo

By Denise Lau
Visiting the city of Hilo on the Big Island, we had the chance to take a leisure walk to enjoy the nature and beauty of our surroundings. We are so very lucky to live in Hawaii!

health DATE: 05/10/16

Hiking the Kuamoo-Nounou Trail

By Denise Lau
A family-friendly hike near Kapaa, the Kuamoo-Nounou trail. A fun, moderate hike with views of East Kauai that can be a nice way to burn some calories and spend a few hours enjoying nature when visiting the island.

fitness DATE: 05/19/16

Coming Back from a Stroke

By Denise Lau
Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You're not taking care of yourself and it starts to eat away at your well-being and suddenly - you're having a stroke. You know you are but you're still living in denial. Read one blogger's account of how her dad had that "wake-up call" to take better care of himself and not take his health for granted.

health DATE: 05/24/16

Lanai: Relaxation and Exercise on Vacation

By Denise Lau
A quick trip to the gorgeous, secluded island of Lanai helps to relax and refresh while still staying active exploring the untouched beauty that abounds.

health DATE: 07/06/16

Makiki Valley Loop Trail

By Denise Lau
Hiking the Makiki Valley Loop trail with kids.

fitness DATE: 07/14/16

The Value of Swim Lessons

By Denise Lau
The value of swim lessons for an apprehensive child as well as the born swimmer. Parents need to be aware of the benefits and limitations of swim lessons on water safety for their children.

fitness DATE: 07/18/16