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A Celebrity-Inspired Battle with Cancer

By Fernando Pacheco
It was during a self-exam 12 years later that Malama discovered a lump. His doctor recommended a sonogram, which confirmed the lump was a tumor.

health DATE: 04/05/16

Fun Treats for National Celery Month

By Fernando Pacheco
Let’s face it. The celery treat “ants on a log” is about exciting as, well … ants on a log. To celebrate National Celery Month, we tried a few upgrades to the traditional treat to get kids interested in this stalky vegetable.

food DATE: 04/14/16

Hiking Pu`u Pia Trail with Kids

By Fernando Pacheco
Spring break was coming up and so my co-worker Denise and I discussed which kid-friendly trail to conquer next. Her husband suggested a short yet beautiful one he tried a few years ago called Pu’u Pia Trail.

fitness DATE: 04/15/16

Jumping on the Hydroflask Bandwagon

By Fernando Pacheco
I decided to go with the Hydroflask brand just because it was the most popular. I mean … if I’m going to go trendy, I might as well go all the way, right? Once I landed on my brand of choice, there was a flood of options – color, size, customize, screw top, flip top, straw – save me!

health DATE: 04/25/16

Finding Purpose After the Kids Have Moved Out

By Fernando Pacheco
Hawaii mom Jenny Hausler had a Brady Bunch type of situation after she married her second husband. Both had kids from previous marriages, and between the two of them they had six kids with a seven-year gap between the oldest and youngest. Then one day, after their youngest left the house, Hausler and her husband realized they had an empty nest.

lifestyle DATE: 05/02/16

Keiki Living with Asthma

By Fernando Pacheco
Although asthma cannot be cured, most people can control asthma to experience fewer symptoms. Not sure if your little one is living with asthma? There are some common telltale signs:

health DATE: 05/11/16

The Fight Against Zika Virus

By Fernando Pacheco
Because it is a mosquito-borne virus, our tropical climate puts us at risk and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has drafted a Zika response plan.

health DATE: 06/20/16

A Fun and Patriotic Treat

By Fernando Pacheco
This patriotic fruit platter can be customized to accommodate your platter size and your favorite fruit. So however you decide to let your fruit flag fly, your Fourth of July celebration will have a treat that’s just as fun to eat as it was to make.

food DATE: 07/01/16

The Facts on Hepatitis A

By Fernando Pacheco
Since June 2016 the Hawaii Department of Health has confirmed over 50 cases of hepatitis A on Oahu. As the source of the infections is investigated, it is important to understand the facts of the outbreak and the disease itself.

health DATE: 07/20/16

Living Left-handed

By Fernando Pacheco
For International Left Handers’ Day, we wanted to give Hawaii’s lefties the opportunity to share some of their struggles.

lifestyle DATE: 08/12/16

Couch Fitness: Upper Body & Abs

By Fernando Pacheco, Iokepa Bahilot, Denise Lau
Here’s part one of a few exercises you can do while watching TV to stay fit. Treat yourself to a few of these while watching your favorite sitcom.

fitness DATE: 08/25/16

Couch Fitness: Lower Body & Abs

By Fernando Pacheco, Denise Lau
Here’s part two of a few exercises you can do while watching TV to stay fit. Treat yourself to a few of these while watching your favorite sitcom.

fitness DATE: 08/31/16