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8 Ways to Use Honey

By Fernando Pacheco
September is National Honey Month and so in tribute to the natural sweetener and the efforts of thousands of bees that go into each bottle, we would like to highlight some of its uncommon uses.

lifestyle DATE: 09/07/16

Celebrating National Piano Month

By Fernando Pacheco
In celebration of National Piano Month, we spoke to some of the faculty from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Music Department. They were eager to share their take on the benefits of tickling the ivories.

lifestyle DATE: 09/19/16

Talking to Your Child’s Doc

By Fernando Pacheco
We usually do have questions or concerns to discuss with the pediatrician but sometimes they get lost in the daily circus of parenthood. Some preparation and planning never hurts and it can help organize your thoughts about your child’s well-being. Here are some tips to help you prep for your child’s next visit to the doc.

health DATE: 10/20/16

5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

By Fernando Pacheco
It can be tough to find healthy options amid the parade of junk food offered during the Halloween season. Fortunately, new ideas are always popping up on the web and we decided to try a few of our favorites.

food DATE: 10/24/16

Grinch Kabobs Are a Cinch

By Fernando Pacheco
Nobody likes a holiday grinch, but who doesn’t love the Grinch? With this healthy recipe, you can bring the Grinch right to your holiday table.

food DATE: 12/06/16

Healthy Pita Christmas Trees for the Holidays

By Fernando Pacheco
Bring that Tex-Mex flavor to your holiday party with these festive pita trees, made with guacamole, pita wedges and tomatoes.

food DATE: 12/13/16

Avoiding Post-Holiday Fitness Fraud

By Fernando Pacheco
Many fitness products and fads have come and gone. Did any of them work? A few Hawaii residents share their experiences.

fitness DATE: 01/04/17

TP Talk: Cheaper is Sometimes Better

By Fernando Pacheco
Are quilted, fragrant squares actually better for your derriere? Here are some things that may have you reaching for a cheaper brand.

lifestyle DATE: 02/10/17

Frozen Fun Cubes

By Fernando Pacheco
I decided to add a cost-effective challenge in my most recent attempt at this recipe. All the ingredients for my ice cubes had to come from my garden.

food DATE: 03/13/17

Well-Being Hawaii Asks: Do You Feel Lucky?

By Fernando Pacheco
Saint Patrick’s Day has long been thought of as a day for luck, whether you have Irish heritage or not. When it came to believing in luck, I always figured “hey, it can’t hurt, right?” As it turns out, there are two sides to this coin.

lifestyle DATE: 03/16/17

Building Your Workout Playlist

By Fernando Pacheco
According to some recent studies, it’s not just which music you’re listening to during exercise… it’s how and when you’re listening to it.

fitness DATE: 03/31/17

3 Easter Treats for Your Keiki

By Fernando Pacheco
With a little creativity, you can have your little ones hopping to your healthy snack table this Easter.

food DATE: 04/05/17