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Say Goodbye to ’Snooze’

By Fernando Pacheco
The behavior of dipping in and out of sleep in the morning is actually called drockling and as it turns out, it’s not good for you.

health DATE: 04/06/17

5 Rules of Gym Etiquette

By Fernando Pacheco
There are a handful of rules of etiquette to follow when it comes to working out. For the newbies, this is a crash course. For the regular gym rats, consider this as a refresher course.

fitness DATE: 05/15/17

Bad Mood Busters

By Fernando Pacheco
The next time you feel your attitude going south, avoid passing it on to friends, family and coworkers with these bad mood busters.

lifestyle DATE: 05/24/17

Hawaii’s Ninja Warrior

By Fernando Pacheco
Ky Vuong, 45, of Kaka’ako did not go on to conquer Mount Midoriyama (total victory), but he had fun and he has a lot to share with future ninja warriors from the islands.

fitness DATE: 06/07/17

Men’s Health Week in Hawaii

By Fernando Pacheco
Today kicks off National Men’s Health Week, where the men and boys in our lives are encouraged to make their health a priority. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed some key healthy steps to follow.

health DATE: 06/12/17

Fourth of July Yogurt Pops

By Fernando Pacheco
Here’s a healthy alternative to enjoy on our nation’s birthday. Red, white, and blue yogurt pops are a healthful and festive twist on a kid-friendly snack. Enjoy these July Fourth-inspired treats throughout the summer!

food DATE: 07/03/17

Crafts for Kids: DIY Flying Disc

By Fernando Pacheco
Here’s a summer craft that’s cost-effective, creative, and will encourage your little ones to get outside.

lifestyle DATE: 07/17/17

Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy

By Fernando Pacheco, Lynn Shizumura
Learn how you can support an active, healthy pregnancy with prenatal yoga.

fitness DATE: 08/10/17

Celebrating Children & Youth in Hawaii

By Fernando Pacheco
For the 24th year, Hawaii’s keiki (children) and ‘opio (youth) will be celebrated with educational events throughout the state.

lifestyle DATE: 09/27/17

Theatre for Every Family

By Fernando Pacheco
One of Honolulu Theatre for Youth's newest programs is called “HTY for Every Family,” offering pay-what-you-can performances for selected productions from their 2017-2018 season.

lifestyle DATE: 10/12/17

Being a Weekend Warrior

By Fernando Pacheco
Compared to sedentary men, weekend warriors have a significantly lower risk of dying prematurely. But before you think about tossing out your workday exercise regimen, there are some things to consider.

fitness DATE: 02/15/17

Hawaii: Perfect for Papaya

By Fernando Pacheco
As we approach the year’s second peak harvest season (October to December), let’s take a look at the life of a papaya in Hawaii – from seed, to fruit, to compost.

food DATE: 09/29/16