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Perfectly Portioned 'Turkey Muffins'

By Jamie Nakasone
Tired of cutting a slab of boring old meatloaf for your plate? Try this recipe for 'turkey muffins.' They're cute, muffin-shaped, easy to make, and perfect for portion control.

food DATE: 11/17/16

Waging a War on Toads in My Garden

By Jamie Nakasone
A humorous blog for gardening enthusiasts about how toads can ruin your garden. It includes some facts about the toads and how I try to keep them from digging up my tender seedlings.

lifestyle DATE: 08/08/15

11 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

By Jamie Nakasone
It is hot enough for ya? Don't resign yourself to being uncomfortable in this heat. We offer some tips for you to beat this hot weather.

health DATE: 08/31/15

Who's Up for Some Ballroom?

By Jamie Nakasone
Meet Derek and Debra Kam, who have been ballroom dancing for 20 years. They share their thoughts about dancing as a form of exercise, and the many other benefits they get out of it. Watch a short video of the Kams doing their thing.

fitness DATE: 09/22/15

Getting into the 'Spirit' of Halloween

By Jamie Nakasone
It's hard to resist a good "ghost" story. It can be how the spirit of a loved one sent a "message" of protection, guidance, or just love. Or it can be that other kind of story that makes you want to skedaddle like Scooby-Doo. With Halloween just a few days away, we hope you'll enjoy these personal stories submitted by our readers.

lifestyle DATE: 10/28/15

Bonding Over 'Bond' at the Movies

By Jamie Nakasone
One of our bloggers went to the movies to indulge her love for everything James Bond. Here's her review of the newest Bond movie, "Spectre," starring Daniel Craig as 007.

lifestyle DATE: 11/06/15

Peace, Harmony, and Ikebana

By Jamie Nakasone
Elegant, simple, and graceful. The Japanese art of flower arranging, called ikebana, starts with a single flower in your hand. The rest is a creative journey that is unique to each practitioner.

lifestyle DATE: 01/14/16

How Color Affects Our World

By Jamie Nakasone
In this blog, we take a look at how color can affect your mood. We asked a psychologist, an artist, a teacher, and a fashionista for their thoughts on color and how they each use it to shape and influence the world around them.

lifestyle DATE: 03/05/16

Airport Yoga: Well-Being On the Go

By Jamie Nakasone
Do plane rides make you stiff and tired? Well, good news! Yoga rooms are slowly popping up in airports around the world. Imagine a private room where you can stretch and do yoga poses during your stopover. One less reason to dread that long plane ride!

lifestyle DATE: 09/08/16

Surviving Domestic Violence

By Jamie Nakasone
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Read a true story about a woman who got out of an abusive relationship and how she did it.

health DATE: 10/04/16

Ways to Survive Cold and Flu Season

By Jamie Nakasone
You know, we're in the thick of flu season, and you don't want to miss out on any holiday cheer by catching a cold or flu! We took to social media to discover what some people do to stave off getting sick, plus what they do once they do catch cold.

health DATE: 11/16/16

Tips to Avoid Centipedes in Hawaii

By Jamie Nakasone
Have you ever been bitten by a centipede? It's a painful experience you don't easily forget. So is there something you can do to avoid centipedes? Well, maybe. Our Well-Being Hawaii blogger investigates this feared arthropod.

lifestyle DATE: 03/06/17