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Gifts For The Health-Conscious Mom

By Jamie Nakasone
Every year, millions agonize over what to get Mom for Mother's Day. You want your gift to be special, because Mom is so special. You want it to be something she'll rave about to her friends at her aerobics class. Here are a few gift suggestions for that wonderful health-conscious woman who gave birth to you.

lifestyle DATE: 05/11/17

Canine Game Day Comes To Kapolei

By Jamie Nakasone
Grab that leash (and don't forget your dog) and head to Kapolei this Saturday for Canine Game Day! This event, held by the Hawaiian Humane Society, promises fun and games for you and your pooch, as well as booths for refreshments and pet-related vendors.

lifestyle DATE: 07/20/17

3 Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving Potluck

By Jamie Nakasone
Three tips to having a (relatively) stress-free Thanksgiving potluck gathering.

food DATE: 11/16/17

3 Easy Ways to Read More Books

By Jamie Nakasone, Lynn Shizumura
Reading improves our vocabulary, increases brain activity, and reduces stress. With all the benefits, all you need is time. Here's how to squeeze more reading into your life.

lifestyle DATE: 03/02/18

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

By Jessika Garcia
It's always a good idea to take time out of your day to think of the things you are thankful for to make you happy, but did you know that cultivating an attitude of gratitude can do more than make you a happier person?

lifestyle DATE: 11/23/16

Raising Awareness for Child Abuse Prevention

By Fernando Pacheco
As part of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, Family Story Time events are hosted at various libraries around Oahu. Children who attend are treated to a story and a free goodie bag – fun for the kids, terrifying for me.

lifestyle DATE: 04/30/16

6 Lessons We've Learned From Mom

By Lynn Shizumura
In honor of Mother's Day, Well-Being Hawaii shares lessons we've learned from our moms.

lifestyle DATE: 05/06/16

Ways to Reset This Summer

By Lynn Shizumura, Well-Being Hawaii
Make the most of your health and well-being this summer.

health DATE: 07/05/17

Fourth of July in Hawaii and Beyond

By Craig DeSilva
Well-Being Hawaii writers will be spending their Fourth of July holiday weekend with family, friends, and pets. They'll watch fireworks displays, see a summer blockbuster movie, read, garden, and clean their house.

lifestyle DATE: 07/03/15

Cut the Cost of Paradise with a Little Creativity

By Danielle Douglass
Living in Hawaii isn’t easy on the wallet. Use these tips from Well-Being Hawaii bloggers to cut some of the cost of paradise.

lifestyle DATE: 01/04/16

Straight Razor Shaves Can Do You Good

By Fernando Pacheco
Once considered as the most common way to shave a man’s face, some men now go through life having never shaved with a straight razor – myself included. Are there real benefits to shaving with a straight razor?

lifestyle DATE: 03/30/16

Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy

By Fernando Pacheco, Lynn Shizumura
Learn how you can support an active, healthy pregnancy with prenatal yoga.

fitness DATE: 08/10/17