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DIY Graduation Braided Ribbon Lei

By Lynelle Fox
Braided ribbon leis are very popular at graduations. They're very efficient in both cost and time. With a couple of rolls of ribbon and a little handiwork, you can make dozens of leis in no time at all!

lifestyle DATE: 05/25/18

DIY Back-to-School Pencil Cases

By Lynelle Fox
Here's a very simple craft project making pencil cases. No sewing necessary. Very versatile; they make wonderful cosmetic cases as well!

lifestyle DATE: 08/02/18

Quick and Easy DIY Collage Decoupage

By Moani Wright-Van Alst
A quick and easy DIY Collage Decoupage project. Makes a wonderful gifts that family members will cherished.

lifestyle DATE: 10/04/15

Weight Loss Challenge : Everyone’s a Loser

By Ash Tsuji
Employees lose weight during challenge.

health DATE: 09/16/16

Bullet Journals: Creativity Meets Organization

By Michelle Sullivan, Jessika Garcia
Trying to decide if a bullet journal is right for you? Read how three of our bloggers are using theirs to get creative while they get organized.

lifestyle DATE: 01/11/18

Fourth of July in Hawaii and Beyond

By Craig DeSilva
Well-Being Hawaii writers will be spending their Fourth of July holiday weekend with family, friends, and pets. They'll watch fireworks displays, see a summer blockbuster movie, read, garden, and clean their house.

lifestyle DATE: 07/03/15

Instilling Healthy Habits in Kids

By Danielle Douglass
Instilling healthy habits in children starts at home with parents. Read tips from our Well-Being bloggers on how you can set your kids up for the healthy lives possible.

lifestyle DATE: 01/11/16