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Color Me Calm

By Lynn Shizumura
Well-Being Hawaii tries adult coloring books, the latest trend in stress relief.

lifestyle DATE: 11/05/15

Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

By Lynn Shizumura
Public speaking can be a minor to major source of stress. Here are five tips to help you with your next speech or presentation.

lifestyle DATE: 11/14/15

Healthier Sports Drink Recipe

By Lynn Shizumura
Well-Being Hawaii's latest recipe is a tasty, low-calorie, low-sugar sports drink.

food DATE: 01/12/16

Our Guide to Magic Island Path Repairs

By Lynn Shizumura
The Magic Island (Aina Moana) path at Ala Moana Regional Park is under renovation as part of the city's park improvement project. Well-Being Hawaii offers useful tips to stay safe and maximize space along the popular path.

fitness DATE: 02/03/16

Well-Being Hawaii Goes to Goodwill

By Lynn Shizumura
Well-Being Hawaii goes to Goodwill Kaimuki to check out the redesigned location and shop for deals.

lifestyle DATE: 05/20/16

Summer Fun at Hawaii State Farm Fair

By Lynn Shizumura
Now in its 53rd year, the annual Hawaii State Farm Fair has been expanded to include more interactive activities for children.

lifestyle DATE: 07/08/16

5 Pokémon Go Safety Tips

By Lynn Shizumura
Five Pokémon Go safety tips from the Honolulu Police Department.

lifestyle DATE: 07/21/16

Garlic Hummus

By Lynn Shizumura
Try this easy garlic hummus recipe.

food DATE: 08/18/16

Taking a Yoga Break

By Lynn Shizumura
Wes Oda is a marathon regular who's taking a well-being break with daily yoga.

fitness DATE: 08/30/16

Honolulu Marathoners Share Their Inspiration

By Lynn Shizumura
We asked four Hawaii residents who participated in the 2015 Honolulu Marathon to share their motivations and advice for other runners.

fitness DATE: 12/09/16

Meet Hawaii's newest Blue Zones communities

By Lynn Shizumura
Five more Hawaii communities join the Blue Zones Project movement.

health DATE: 01/13/17

Quick & Comforting Turkey Meatballs

By Lynn Shizumura
A recipe for easy and delicious turkey meatballs.

food DATE: 04/10/17