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Tips to Eat Less During the Holidays

By Lynn Shizumura
The holidays are full of temptations including buffets, parties, and desserts. Well-Being Hawaii covers ways to maintain your weight during the holiday season.

food DATE: 11/22/16

Pantry-friendly Pumpkin Curry

By Lynn Shizumura
Halloween is right around the corner. If you're looking for a festive way to switch up your weekday meals, try this healthy pumpkin curry. It's an easy, plant-based dish that comes together in one pot.

food DATE: 10/19/17

Another Look at Alzheimer's and Dementia

By Lynn Shizumura
A story about dementia and what you can do to support a loved one experiencing cognitive decline.

health DATE: 11/29/17

Walk with a Hilo Doc

By Lynn Shizumura
Meet Craig Kadooka, M.D., the organizer of the Walk with a Doc program in Hilo.

fitness DATE: 12/08/17

Five Moves to Jump-start Your Day

By Lynn Shizumura
Whether you love or loathe morning exercise, this quick routine can help you strengthen your body and start the day right.

fitness DATE: 01/25/18

Fourth of July in Hawaii and Beyond

By Craig DeSilva
Well-Being Hawaii writers will be spending their Fourth of July holiday weekend with family, friends, and pets. They'll watch fireworks displays, see a summer blockbuster movie, read, garden, and clean their house.

lifestyle DATE: 07/03/15

Our Top Holiday Travel Hacks

By Jamie Nakasone
Traveling for the holidays this year? You're in luck! In this piece, the Well-Being Hawaii bloggers share their own personal travel hacks. Try some of them out to make your trip just a little easier. Then, share some of your own with us.

lifestyle DATE: 12/14/16

Go with the Flow at Vino & Vinyasa

By Michelle Sullivan
What could be better than practicing yoga with the sound of waves crashing to shore just steps away? Yoga by the beach…with wine! The Well-Being Hawaii team checked out last month’s Vino & Vinyasa class at Moana Surfrider in Waikiki.

fitness DATE: 03/15/17

Using Friends to Get Fit

By Denise Lau
A few HMSA employees make each other accountable and workout during the week. The small steps to better health leads to great results!

fitness DATE: 04/02/16