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4 Reasons to Have a Garage Sale

By Neal Iwamoto
Holding a garage sale can unexpectedly boost your well-being in different ways.

lifestyle DATE: 07/12/16

Lower Your Risks for Falls

By Neal Iwamoto
Three important guidelines to protect you or a loved one from suffering from a fall from Pete Clines, a senior educator with Healthways.

health DATE: 09/22/16

Family Fun at Aloun Farms Pumpkin Fest

By Neal Iwamoto
The Aloun Farms Pumpkin Festival is a fun family event every October in Kapolei.

lifestyle DATE: 10/14/16

20 Tips For A Safe Halloween

By Neal Iwamoto
20 safety tips for Halloween

lifestyle DATE: 10/31/16

Get Deals, Not Duped, on Cyber Monday

By Neal Iwamoto
Cyber Monday provides opportunity for shoppers and cyber criminals alike. Use these tips to protect yourself online.

lifestyle DATE: 11/28/16

Protect Yourself This Holiday Season

By Neal Iwamoto
The Honolulu Police Department provides holiday safety tips for when you're at home, away, out shopping, and out on the road.

lifestyle DATE: 12/15/16

4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fitness

By Lynn Shizumura
Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or have been training year-round, spicing up your routine can help you stay on track. Here’s our list of four ways to freshen up your fitness this fall to help you stay motivated through the holidays.

fitness DATE: 09/30/15

Fo Real Fitness: BOSU Balance Trainer

By Neal Iwamoto
A review of the BOSU balance trainer.

fitness DATE: 06/15/15

Three Quick and Dirty Fitness Secrets

By Danielle Douglass
Three awesome fitness secrets to get the most out of your workouts. The three secrets are technique counts, repetitions count, and rest counts.

fitness DATE: 06/15/15

Fourth of July in Hawaii and Beyond

By Craig DeSilva
Well-Being Hawaii writers will be spending their Fourth of July holiday weekend with family, friends, and pets. They'll watch fireworks displays, see a summer blockbuster movie, read, garden, and clean their house.

lifestyle DATE: 07/03/15

Cut the Cost of Paradise with a Little Creativity

By Danielle Douglass
Living in Hawaii isn’t easy on the wallet. Use these tips from Well-Being Hawaii bloggers to cut some of the cost of paradise.

lifestyle DATE: 01/04/16

Instilling Healthy Habits in Kids

By Danielle Douglass
Instilling healthy habits in children starts at home with parents. Read tips from our Well-Being bloggers on how you can set your kids up for the healthy lives possible.

lifestyle DATE: 01/11/16