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The 2015 Humane Society PetWalk

By Trey Takahashi
The 2015 PetWalk brought thousands of people, their pets, and many supporters of the Hawaiian Humane Society out to Magic Island for their annual fundraiser!

lifestyle DATE: 10/13/15

Learning More About Arthritis

By Trey Takahashi
How do you know if your inflammation and stiffness means you have arthritis? Only a health care professional can tell you for sure, but certain signs usually point to arthritis. There are four important warning signs that should prompt you to talk to a health care provider.

health DATE: 05/26/16

The Cropsticks Balancing Act

By Trey Takahashi
Moanalua High School Alumnus, Mylen Fe Yamamoto, is an entrepreneur and the inventor of Cropsticks, an innovative bamboo chopstick with a holder built in. Cropsticks started with an idea on an airplane and is now becoming a reality.

lifestyle DATE: 07/27/16

22nd Annual Made in Hawaii Festival

By Trey Takahashi
The 22nd Annual Made in Hawaii Festival that celebrates unique items made locally in Hawaii. The Festival offers food, books, gifts, fashions, plants, arts, crafts, and more, along with showcasing award winning entertainers and top Hawaii culinary artists doing cooking demonstrations.

lifestyle DATE: 08/19/16

Pushing Boundaries for Well-Being

By Trey Takahashi
The fear of falling, the floor disappearing from beneath you, and zombies…sound scary? Well it all turns into camaraderie, team building, and fun at Coral Crater Adventure Park in Kapolei!

lifestyle DATE: 11/30/16

Happy Holidays from Well-Being Hawaii

By Trey Takahashi
Holiday Decorating Activity from the Well-Being Hawaii Bloggers

lifestyle DATE: 12/19/16

Festive Holiday Mocktails

By Trey Takahashi
These festive holiday mocktails are perfect for kids. Enjoy them in moderation and have a very happy holiday!

food DATE: 12/29/16

Three Reasons to Try a Kickboxing Class

By Trey Takahashi, Fernando Pacheco
Top 3 reasons to try a kickboxing class. Lots of people are intimidated by kickboxing classes, but they’re a great full-body workout. I tried the kickboxing class at the Kapi`olani Women's Center in Honolulu with fellow Well-Being Hawaii blogger, Michelle, and we had a lot of fun. I sweat, laughed, and felt like I lost 20 pounds!

fitness DATE: 05/08/17

Healthy Grindz: Fresh Pressed Juice

By Trey Takahashi
Vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet, but they’re not always the most appetizing foods. Juicing is a delicious way to get all the nutrients you need from fruits and vegetables.

food DATE: 05/25/17

Taste Test: Fresh Eggs vs. Store-Bought

By Jamie Nakasone
What's your "taste"? Do you prefer fresh eggs or the store-bought kind? We put the question to Well-Being Hawaii bloggers Trey and Christa.

food DATE: 03/24/16

Lion Dancing With Well-Being Hawaii

By Jamie Nakasone
In this video, three of our bloggers take a crash course in Chinese lion dancing. What does it take to operate one of the fuzzy, winking lions? Watch and see.

lifestyle DATE: 01/27/17

Weight Loss Challenge : Everyone’s a Loser

By Ash Tsuji
Employees lose weight during challenge.

health DATE: 09/16/16