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Cooking Demonstration

By Jessika Garcia
Sharing delicious recipes and tips to make it easier to make the right choice.

events DATE: 02/02/16

Are You Happy?

By Ashley Leahey
Are you happy? See how the happiest people around the world stay that way.

lifestyle DATE: 11/15/17

KTA Health Fair

By Jessika Garcia
Help us celebrate KTA Super Stores' centennial year and join the North Hawaii Blue Zones community for an in-store health fair and cooking demo.

events DATE: 02/04/16

Make Healthy Choices Easier at Home

By Ashley Leahey
Did you know you could consume 100 fewer calories every day without even thinking about it? Check out these small changes you can make in your kitchen that will help you to effortlessly eat smaller portions of better food.

food DATE: 07/10/17

Bike to Live Longer, Better, and Happier

By Ashley Leahey
It’s National Bike Month — the perfect excuse to dust off that old thing and start pedaling!

fitness DATE: 05/17/17

DIY Back-to-School Pencil Cases

By Lynelle Fox
Here's a very simple craft project making pencil cases. No sewing necessary. Very versatile; they make wonderful cosmetic cases as well!

lifestyle DATE: 08/02/18

Health is the Greatest Wealth

By Danielle Douglass
Jason Coleman makes a killer smoothie. These days, he hears this sentiment often. Just a few years ago, it was this remark from family and friends that inspired the then 42-year-old to open Leahi Health.

food DATE: 02/06/16

Our Guide to Magic Island Path Repairs

By Lynn Shizumura
The Magic Island (Aina Moana) path at Ala Moana Regional Park is under renovation as part of the city's park improvement project. Well-Being Hawaii offers useful tips to stay safe and maximize space along the popular path.

fitness DATE: 02/03/16

The Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

By Jessika Garcia
Here are the top five resolutions that people are willing to work on to improve their well-being.

lifestyle DATE: 01/28/16

Caring for Kalo Teaches Hawaiian Values

By Craig DeSilva
Ka Papa Loi o Kanewai is a loi (taro) patch on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus that teaches important Hawaiian values.

health DATE: 05/30/18

Fourth of July Yogurt Pops

By Fernando Pacheco
Here’s a healthy alternative to enjoy on our nation’s birthday. Red, white, and blue yogurt pops are a healthful and festive twist on a kid-friendly snack. Enjoy these July Fourth-inspired treats throughout the summer!

food DATE: 07/03/17

Resolution Reboot Part II: Mental Well-Being

By Craig DeSilva
Getting healthier is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. But good health isn’t just about exercise and diet. In her book, Mindful Multitasking: Timeless Techniques for a Vibrant Mind, Strong Body, Happy Heart & Light Spirit, Makana Chai talks about how to improve your emotional and mental well-being, which can affect your long-term physical health.

health DATE: 02/21/18