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Watch Your Step

By Courtney Takabayashi
Increase your daily steps with these simple tips!

fitness DATE: 09/06/17

Well-Being Hawaii's Best of 2017

By Well-Being Hawaii Team
With the year coming to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at your favorite posts of 2017. Enjoy!

lifestyle DATE: 12/29/17

DIY Spooktacular Black Cat Treat Holders

By Lynelle Fox
DIY Halloween cat treat holder that's quick and easy for kids to make! It's the perfect project that's cute, inexpensive, and useful!

lifestyle DATE: 10/25/17

Plastic Egg Halloween Treat Monsters

By Lynelle Fox
Super quick and easy Halloween treats using plastic eggs! A great project to use up your old craft supplies. Great craft for the little ones.

lifestyle DATE: 10/28/16

The Secrets to Living Longer

By Mari-Ela Chock
If you were offered the chance to live an extra five, ten or more years, and remain healthy and active, wouldn’t you take it? The great news is you have that opportunity – and you don’t have to overhaul your entire life to do it.

health DATE: 10/21/16

DIY Merry Marble Magnets

By Lynelle Fox
DIY Marble Magnets - Super quick and easy craft project that's easy enough for kids to do. A good choice for favors as you can produce a great number of them in a very short time.

lifestyle DATE: 12/20/17

Color Your World With Feng Shui

By Craig DeSilva
Planning some DIY home projects for spring? Consider a fresh coat of paint to turn your home from drab to fab. And when choosing paint, consider colors to bring you good feng shui. The right color for your walls could bring more love and money to your life. Clear Englebert, author of Feng Shui for Love & Money, tells you which colors can bring your more balance and harmony.

lifestyle DATE: 03/19/16

Hawaii’s Superfood: Pineapples

By Denise Lau
A tour of the Dole processing plant and pineapple fields let's us discover the health benefits of this local treasure. Amazingly, the workers also share a longevity secret!

food DATE: 04/29/16

Put a 'Plant Slant' on Your Plate

By Mari-Ela Chock
If you are trying to eat healthier by munching on more vegetables, you’re not alone. Use these quick tips to make healthier choices when you’re in a hurry

food DATE: 08/29/16

Belong to Live Long

By Mari-Ela Chock
The simple act of regularly attending a religious service is a common thread among cultures with the longest life spans.

health DATE: 04/21/16

Go with the Flow at Vino & Vinyasa

By Michelle Sullivan
What could be better than practicing yoga with the sound of waves crashing to shore just steps away? Yoga by the beach…with wine! The Well-Being Hawaii team checked out last month’s Vino & Vinyasa class at Moana Surfrider in Waikiki.

fitness DATE: 03/15/17

A Fun and Patriotic Treat

By Fernando Pacheco
This patriotic fruit platter can be customized to accommodate your platter size and your favorite fruit. So however you decide to let your fruit flag fly, your Fourth of July celebration will have a treat that’s just as fun to eat as it was to make.

food DATE: 07/01/16