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Hiking Ka’ena Point Trail with Kids

By Denise Lau
A gorgeous day spent hiking Kaena Point Trial with kids.

fitness DATE: 01/15/16

Hiking Pu`u Pia Trail with Kids

By Fernando Pacheco
Spring break was coming up and so my co-worker Denise and I discussed which kid-friendly trail to conquer next. Her husband suggested a short yet beautiful one he tried a few years ago called Pu’u Pia Trail.

fitness DATE: 04/15/16

Enjoying Nature’s Health Benefits in Hilo

By Denise Lau
Visiting the city of Hilo on the Big Island, we had the chance to take a leisure walk to enjoy the nature and beauty of our surroundings. We are so very lucky to live in Hawaii!

health DATE: 05/10/16

Move Naturally: Make Time to Move

By Mari-Ela Chock
What if you could burn calories without even thinking about it? You can! Our friends at Blue Zones Project give us tips on how to be more active every day.

fitness DATE: 05/31/16

Makiki Valley Loop Trail

By Denise Lau
Hiking the Makiki Valley Loop trail with kids.

fitness DATE: 07/14/16

Hiking with Dogs: 7 Safety Tips

By Rachel Kuehn
Being active with your dog is one of the joys of being a pet owner, but in Hawaii it's important to remember your furry friend's safety. These tips will help keep you and your dog happy and safe.

fitness DATE: 08/11/16

Howliday Gifts for Pets

By Michelle Sullivan
Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone with four paws this holiday season? Well-Being Hawaii's got you covered!

lifestyle DATE: 12/02/16

Finding Time to Capture Happiness

By Michelle Sullivan
2017 got you down? Sometimes when life just won’t let up, we need to remind ourselves we can find happiness in every day. Read about how taking a photo of something that made me happy every day for one month changed my outlook.

lifestyle DATE: 05/10/17

Food Safety While Hiking & Camping

By Well-Being Hawaii Team
Outdoor activities that last all day usually involve preparing at least one meal. If the food is not handled correctly, foodborne illness can be an unwelcome souvenir. Check out these tips from the USDA to keep your family safe!

food DATE: 10/17/16

Five Tips to Cut Back on Alcohol

By Michelle Sullivan
No matter how disciplined you are, chances are you indulged in a few more drinks than usual over the holidays. Here are five tips to cut back.

health DATE: 01/08/18

Taking the Stress Out of Home Buying

By Craig DeSilva
Hawaii's high real estate prices make buying a home out of reach for many local families. But the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center helps take the stress out of home buying so families can achieve financial well-being. The center helps prospective buyers create a budget, look for loans, review their finances and credit score, and more.

lifestyle DATE: 07/12/18

A Hobby of Hiking for Body and Mind

By Morgan B.
Well-Being Hawaii contributor Morgan Bigelow shares her experience of hiking and the benefits it's had for her well-being.

fitness DATE: 02/18/16