Benefits of Group Fitness

Amber Tynanes
August 05, 2016

As a group fitness instructor, I’ve been able to help change the lives of many, and it’s all thanks to group fitness. 

My career in group fitness started when I was having difficulty trying to lose weight after my third baby. I was using the excuse that I had “just had a baby” for way to long. When it got to the point where my youngest was five years old, I realized how ridiculous it sounded for me to continue to use this excuse, so I faced it head on. I enrolled at the YMCA, and started taking group fitness classes. It was hard at first, especially since I had never done group fitness before, but there were other people there helping to motivate me. I eventually became really good, and saw myself paying it forward. I had a natural drive in me that wanted to pursue becoming a fitness instructor. 

Now, five years later, I teach at two major fitness companies. I am a personal trainer and am certified in seven different group fitness formats. And it all started with a decision to take a group fitness class.

Group fitness works because it is designed to properly train the average person who may or may not have ever exercised before. Have you ever found yourself wandering around the gym aimlessly looking at all the equipment, and thinking to yourself, “How do I use this?” You are not alone my friend! Group fitness takes all the worry away with different class levels and a huge selection of formats. There is something for everyone when you choose group fitness, from strength training, cardio, yoga, spin, core, and even dance. Whether you are just beginning or looking to step up your fitness level, this is for everyone. You can choose the intensity of your workout by taking the options the instructor gives. Depending on how hard you want to work in a one-hour class, you can potentially burn anywhere from 500 to over a 1,000 calories in one hour! I know, WOW is right! Adding to that, your instructor is there every step of the way ensuring correct form and structure, and motivating you to get through your workout. If you are like me and super busy during the day, that’s even more of a reason to choose group fitness, you get some much out of a one-hour class. 

So let’s look at this again, group fitness gives you:

1. Proper form and direction

2. Variety of classes

3. Different intensity options

4. Motivation

5. Time efficiency

Now why wouldn’t you choose group fitness? I suggest you get yourself down to your local gym or YMCA and check out their class schedule, and put yourself on the path to success for your health and fitness. You are worth it, and I promise it will change your life!

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