Diabetes Education Resource Guide

Well-Being Hawaii Team
October 03, 2016

Your doctor is a vital resource for diabetes education and should be consulted on a regular basis. But your education doesn’t have to stop there. There are many other resources available:


Diabetes Education Programs



Castle Wellness & Lifestyle Medical Center                                               263-5050

Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific                                                        945-2229

HMSA Well Being Connection                                                            1 (855) 329-5461

inControl Diabetes Learning and Resource Center                                 450-2402

Kalihi-Palama Clinic                                                                                            843-7256

The Queen’s Medical Center                                                                            691-4823

The Queen’s Medical Center: West O‘ahu                                                   691-3370

Straub Clinic and Hospital                                                                                522-4325

Times Diabetes Care Center: O‘ahu                                                               832-8265

Tripler Army Medical Center                                                                          433-6504

Waimānalo Health Center                                                                                259-7948

Hawai‘i Island

East Hawai‘i

Bay Clinic Kea‘au Family Health Center                                                      934-3204

Bay Clinic Hilo Family Health Center                                                           934-3204

HMSA Well Being Connection                                                            1 (855) 329-5461

Hilo Medical Center                                                                                             932-2858

West Hawai‘i

HMSA Well Being Connection                                                            1 (855) 329-5461

North Hawai‘i Community Hospital                                                             885-4444


HMSA Well Being Connection                                                            1 (855) 329-5461

Maui Clinic Pharmacy Diabetes Center                                                       871-5144

Maui Medical Group Health Management Center                                    984-7436


HMSA Well Being Connection                                                            1 (855) 329-5461

Kaua‘i Medical Clinic                                                                                           246-1380


Moloka‘i Drugs Inc.                                                                                           553-5790


Diabetes Support Groups


American Diabetes Association                                                                    947-5979

Kalihi-Pālama Health Center                                                                         848-1438

Keiki ‘Ohana Connection                                                                                 947-5979

Kōkua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services                         791-9421

The Queen’s Medical Center                                                                          691-4823

Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center                                        697-3300

Waimānalo Health Center                                                                               259-7948

Hawai‘i Island

Bay Clinic Inc.                                                                                                     934-3204

North Hawai‘i Community Hospital                                                            881-4832

Hāmākua Health Center                                                                                  930-2746

Terry Ryan, R.D., C.D.E.                                                                                     329-3077

West Hawai‘i Community Health Center                                                    326-5629


Maui Memorial Medical Center                                                                     442-5773


Na Pu‘uwai                                                                                                          560-3653


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