Duke’s OceanFest

Ash Tsuji
August 20, 2015

When I was 6 years old I won an Olympic medal for swimming. Okay, so it was for the mini-Olympics at my summer fun program, but since then, swimming has always been my favorite Olympic sport to watch. 

Although I didn’t win an actual medal, there was someone from Hawaii who did, and that was Duke Kahanamoku. In 1912, he won gold for the 100-meter and silver with the relay team. In 1920, he won gold medals in both the 100-meter and relay, and in 1924, he won a silver for the 100-meter. 

Not only was he a great swimmer, Duke was an actor, a lawman, beach volleyball pioneer, and a businessman who made the sport of surfing popular.

Today we celebrate Duke’s accomplishments and love for water with Duke’s OceanFest. In addition to swimming, the event features other water sports Duke loved such as longboard surfing, paddleboard racing, tandem surfing, surf polo, beach volleyball, and stand-up paddling.

This year’s event will be held August 22-30 at venues throughout Waikiki. For more information, visit their website at dukesoceanfest.com.

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