Finding Time to Capture Happiness

The past year has been rough on a lot of us. Due to some unexpected personal struggles, I spent the better part of 2016 rebuilding my life from the ground up. And like the majority of the world, I was happy to see last year go. Then the ceaseless onslaught that is 2017 began. By February, I was in dire need of an optimism infusion. Sometimes when life just won’t let up, we need to remind ourselves we can find happiness in every day.

I decided to test my theory by taking a photo of something that made me happy every day for one month.

Things that made me happy: time with friends, my weekly yoga class,
an outdoor lunch date, walking my super cool pup, a day at the beach,
and fresh mango.

Things that made me happy: yoga, hiking, my Paws on the Path hikers,
a doggie bithday party, a thoughtful gift from a coworker, and a new
pop culture themed shirt.

I started this project as a simple act of self-care, but hoped to build a habit. I’m terrible at taking photos. I tend to want to be present in the moment and experience things rather than document them. I hoped that forcing myself to document happy moments in my life would give me an incentive to do so in the future. I don’t know if I truly built a habit, but taking photos definitely felt more natural over the course of the month.

Things that made me happy: walking to work, HMSA ladies wearing
red for International Women's Day, a home-cooked Hawaiian meal,
dinner with friends, and a very messy Pi Day celebration.

Things that made me happy: Lunch with coworkers, snuggling my
favorite furface, weekly yoga, celebrating with friends, a boyfriend who
fills my life with music, and an excellent homemade chicken pot pie

There’s something magic about photos. They’re a moment frozen in time. A perfectly captured image floods us with emotion and memories. My biggest takeaway from capturing seemingly mundane moments is all I have to be grateful for in my life. Looking back on my month in photos reminded me of the small things I can take joy in every day. Next time the world is getting me down,  I’ll remember what makes me happy.

Things that made me happy: Irish comfort food, doggie ice cream,
finally hitting my goal distance, time with friends, fun with coworkers,
and tacos.