Going Over the Edge

Today, I went over the edge. Literally. And for a very good reason. 

 I rappelled the Ewa tower of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki for the Special Olympics Hawai‘i’s Over the Edge fundraiser. Four hundred feet. Forty stories. What was I thinking?

 When my co-workers and I were presented with this opportunity, no one jumped on it. Neither did I, but I was strangely intrigued. Am I afraid of heights? Yes, to some degree. Do I enjoy scaling mountains or rock walls? No. Am I a thrill-seeker? No, but I love roller coasters. Does that have anything to do with it?

 Over the Edge raises funds that allow Special Olympics athletes in Hawaii to compete year-round at no cost. Each participant raises a minimum of $1,000 in donations for the privilege (?!) of rappelling a hotel tower across the street from Waikiki Beach on November 7. (Previously, a privilege allowed only to window washers.) The trip includes incomparable views of Diamond Head and the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

 I guess those were good enough reasons for me. 


Click here to find out more about Over the Edge and the Special Olympics.