Learn how to make this luxurious lavender bath salt for Christmas.

Last Minute Gift: DIY Lavender Bath Salt

Jessika Garcia
December 21, 2015

When I was in elementary school, my mom always used to make Christmas presents for my friends. One year she gifted my friends a personalized acrylic box filled with crochet scrunchies that the both of us made. It’s a Christmas tradition I’d like to continue now that I’m on my own. This year I’m DIY-ing a luxurious lavender bath salt to give my friends the ultimate at-home spa experience. This bath salt is super cheap and easy to make and a great last minute gift idea. 

DIY Lavender Bath Salt


1. Lavender Epsom salt.

You can find this at a store or online.  

2. Culinary grade lavender blossoms.

I recommend buying these online.  

3. Air tight jar.

4. Mixing bowl.

5. Spoon for mixing.


Combine lavender bath salt and lavender buds into one large mixing bowl.

1. In a mixing bowl, mix lavender Epsom salt and lavender buds.

With a large mixing spoon, mix together lavender bath salt and lavender buds.  

2. Scoop lavender bath salt mix into jars.

Scoop mixed lavender bath salt mix into an air tight jar. Seal and make pretty to gift.

3. Make pretty to giveaway as gifts. 

Seal jar and make pretty to gift.

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