Leading by Example: Becoming a Fitness Coach

Alivia Troxell
June 23, 2016

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. So when a girl from my hometown, who I’d never met, messaged me on Facebook one afternoon about becoming a fitness coach, I knew it wasn’t by chance. Fate was knocking on my door, and little did I know then, that something as simple as a pop-up notification would change my life for the better.

A Lifetime of Lost Battles

When I was eight years old, I moved from South Carolina, to Texas, due to my father’s job. I was eager to be accepted and make friends. On the way home from my first day of class, a male bus-mate called me a word that stuck with me through my teens and into adulthood, a word that has caused me more hurt and more pain than any injury or heartbreak. The word was fat. 

Over the next 11 years, I tried everything to shake the negative view of my appearance. Name a diet, workout series, cleanse or pill, and I’ve tried it – some successful but many not. Despite failing time and time again, I remained hopeful that one day I would have a body I was proud of. 

Time for a Change

When Taylor messaged me in January, she had no idea it was the answer to my evening prayers. She spent the next half hour addressing my initial concerns about coaching over Facebook Messenger. I was your average, 23-year-old woman with zero training in nutrition and a rocky past. Who would want me to advise them on their health and fitness?

Despite my own doubts, I was ready to make a positive change in my life – for real this time – and agreed to try Beachbody, a company that develops fitness and nutrition programs. 

Up For the Challenge

Before signing on as a coach, my fiancé and I made a commitment to participate in a Beachbody diet and exercise program. We were moving to Oahu in March and wanted to improve our nutritional habits as a couple. It taught me the importance of not only what I ate, but how much. It taught me healthy alternatives to my favorite recipes, how to fuel my body with the essential nutrients it needed, and that 30 minutes of exercise a day can lead to significant results. I realized that being healthy reaped endless rewards from genuine happiness to self-empowerment. I finally felt strong, beautiful, and comfortable in my skin.

From Private to Public

In February, I announced on Facebook that I had become a full-fledged health and fitness coach. Within seconds of my post, my phone was buzzing with “likes” and encouraging comments. Due to the overwhelming response of people wanting to improve their health, I created an ongoing wellness and accountability group to serve as a safe haven for those of all Beachbody programs. There is no judgment allowed in the group. We openly share our triumphs and tribulations and encourage one another to be the best versions of our selves. Day by day, we advance in our health journeys, focusing on the small wins and the gradual changes in our bodies. There is nothing more rewarding as a coach than to have someone tell you that they’ve reached a goal or are learning to accept who they are. 

Coaching has helped me fulfill my own fitness goals and to improve my overall body image. The word fat no longer lingers on my heart and mind. Instead, I’m able to see beauty in my imperfections. 

Coaching has helped me:

To replace excuses with effort;

To exercise at least 30 minutes every day;

To be more aware of what I put into my body;

To eliminate judgment and encourage positivity;

To challenge myself and fight for progress; and most importantly,

To never give up.

Remember – if you believe in yourself, you truly can do anything.

Click here to connect with Alivia's wellness group.

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