Paint Nite Honolulu Draws Creativity

Trey Takahashi
July 30, 2015

Paint Nite Honolulu is a new concept that combines artistic painting and socializing. This growing event gives people the opportunity to paint outside the lines and unleash their creativity. 

On Wednesday, July 29, Paint Nite Honolulu hosted an event at the M Nightclub in Kakaako.

Artist James Harold leads the class in a two-hour, step-by-step painting lesson. Participants  get to take home and share their amazing artwork. You don’t have to be an artist to participate in Paint Nite and you don’t have to bring anything but an open mind. 

For many participants, it’s the first time holding a paintbrush since being in school. It’s a truly memorable experience creating something that you can keep and display.

With so much distractions going on from work  and social media,  Paint Nite lets you  live in the moment and experience something amazing with a group of friends and strangers.

Make it a night with friends and let the creative juices flow!

Learn more information about Paint Nite Honolulu at: 

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