Plastic Egg Halloween Treat Monsters

Lynelle Fox
October 28, 2016

Here’s a cool little trick for you to turn out some awesome little treats for the kiddies! Reuse and repurpose your kids’ old plastic eggs and gather up your leftover craft supplies. In a matter of minutes, you can produce some of the cutest little treat monsters for Halloween. Perfect craft for the little ones.

What you’ll need:
• Plastic eggs (3-inch work best)
• Glue (or hot glue gun)
• Pipe cleaners
• Various crafting supplies (googly eyes, feathers, pom poms, etc.)


1. Decorate your egg.  Make sure that the wide side is at the bottom as it sits better.  Be creative! There’s no right or wrong. 

2. Create the base. Take a piece of pipe cleaner and form a circle approximately 1 inch in diameter. Secure to bottom of egg.

3. Done!  Your little monsters are ready to fill with your choice of tricks or treats.  :)

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