Remodeling for Now and for the Future

Trey Takahashi
August 17, 2015

With many more households living with family from all different generations, when you’re thinking about your next renovation, think about how your home will be more accessible to everyone.

Thinking about some of the challenges of aging when you remodel will help make your house more accessible to everyone, whether it’s your daughter trying to take a shower while her baby is napping in her crib, a baby who can’t sit still in the tub, your husband or wife recovering from knee surgery or a grandparent needing extra care with arthritis.

Here are some things to think about when you’re planning your next remodel in this new sandwich generation:


Look for flooring that is slip-resistant, even-surfaced, durable and easy to clean.

Hallways and Doorways

For walkers or wheelchairs, wide hallways and doorways, at least 32-36 inches is best.


Most people don’t think much about lighting, but good lighting is crucial not only for good design but also for preventing accidents.

Shower and Tub

Walk-in showers with a hand-held hose or walk-in bathtubs, which are accessible through a door and have seating, are another great versitile option.

The most fun is shopping around! Are you looking to remodel your home soon?

We checked out the BIA Remodel It Show this past weekend at the Blaisdell Center, where you could talk to, and find, certified contractors to help with your remodeling needs.

If you’re looking for the next expo, check out the Home Building & Remodeling Show happening next year! For more information:

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