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‘Paradise’ Is Wherever You Find Well-Being

By Danielle Douglass
Former Well-Being Hawaii blogger Danielle Douglass reflects on moving to the Pacific Northwest.

lifestyle DATE: 06/28/16

Three Quick and Dirty Fitness Secrets

By Danielle Douglass
Three awesome fitness secrets to get the most out of your workouts. The three secrets are technique counts, repetitions count, and rest counts.

fitness DATE: 06/15/15

Smart911 Service Announced for Oahu

By Danielle Douglass
Smart911 is a new public safety service that allows Honolulu residents to enter important personal and medical information to assist first responders in the event of an emergency.

health DATE: 09/10/15

No Equipment Abdominal Exercises

By Danielle Douglass
If you're looking to tone your abs without the gym or fancy equipment, these exercises are for you. So grab a chair or bench, grit your teeth, and start pumping 'em out!

fitness DATE: 07/17/15

Call of the Calico Kittens

By Danielle Douglass
When newborn baby kittens are abandoned, they face a slim chance of survival. This is the story of a few women at a surf camp in Costa Rica coming together to try and save these adorable little creatures.

lifestyle DATE: 08/18/15

Going, going, stop! Dealing with injury

By Danielle Douglass
If you're an active person, there may come a time you deal with an injury. Working through an injury can be frustrating and takes time and rest. It is possible to though to stay positive and even continue to be active through recovery. Have you dealt with an injury?

fitness DATE: 08/21/15

Surfing in the Moonlight

By Danielle Douglass
Night surfing is a fun and exciting experience. Here are some reasons you may consider surfing under the next full moon.

fitness DATE: 08/28/15

Emergency Preparation for Your Furry Friends

By Danielle Douglass
It's been a very active hurricane season so far. Are you prepared with a plan for your furry friends in case of a natural disaster? Pets are a part of our families and it's important to plan for their safety.

lifestyle DATE: 08/27/15

How I Got My Stoke Back

By Danielle Douglass
Have you ever had a hobby or something you love fall to the wayside because of the hustle and bustle of life? Letting go of things that bring happiness can affect your well-being. Sometimes it takes a step away from day to day life to come to this realization.

health DATE: 09/11/15

No Equipment Leg Exercises

By Danielle Douglass
Two exercise to get your legs shapely in no time, which can be done without workout equipment! All you need is your own body weight.

fitness DATE: 06/26/15

No Equipment Upper Body Exercises

By Danielle Douglass
Two great exercise for your upper body that can be done without workout equipment using your own body weight.

fitness DATE: 07/03/15

Got Bananas? Make Ice Cream!

By Danielle Douglass
Did you know you can make a healthier ice cream with frozen bananas? Read this article to see how easy it is!

food DATE: 07/08/15