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Bike to Live Longer, Better, and Happier

By Ashley Leahey
It’s National Bike Month — the perfect excuse to dust off that old thing and start pedaling!

fitness DATE: 05/17/17

Cruising the Kapaa Bike Path

By Erica Pobre
Erica tells us of her fun journey cruising the 4.5 mile Kapaa bike path.

fitness DATE: 10/19/16

Biking On The Road To Good Health

By Robert Harrison
At age 58, avid bicyclist and HMSA employee Bob Harrison hasn't stopped living life to the fullest. He recently took the bike challenge of his life by pedaling from the Missouri River to Lake Michigan.

fitness DATE: 01/10/17

Kauai Keiki Bike & Safety Day

By Jessika Garcia
Team HMSA will be at the Kauai Keiki Bike & Safety Day!

events DATE: 04/13/17

Going, going, stop! Dealing with injury

By Danielle Douglass
If you're an active person, there may come a time you deal with an injury. Working through an injury can be frustrating and takes time and rest. It is possible to though to stay positive and even continue to be active through recovery. Have you dealt with an injury?

fitness DATE: 08/21/15

East Hawaii's Blue Zones Project Kick-Off Celebration

By Jessika Garcia
Join New York Times best-selling author, Dan Buettner, and Mayor Billy Kenoi as they unveil the secrets to creating a healthier, happier East Hawaii.

events DATE: 10/01/15

Koolau Poko's Blue Zones Project Kick-Off Celebration

By Jessika Garcia
Join the movement for a Healthier Hawaii at the Koolau Poko Blue Zones Project Kick-Off.

events DATE: 10/01/15

Learning to Live with Epilepsy

By Sydney Baron
November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. College student Sydney Baron shares her story of overcoming the life-altering condition.

health DATE: 11/13/15

Cut the Cost of Paradise with a Little Creativity

By Danielle Douglass
Living in Hawaii isn’t easy on the wallet. Use these tips from Well-Being Hawaii bloggers to cut some of the cost of paradise.

lifestyle DATE: 01/04/16

Cooking Demonstration

By Jessika Garcia
Sharing delicious recipes and tips to make it easier to make the right choice.

events DATE: 02/02/16

KTA Health Fair

By Jessika Garcia
Help us celebrate KTA Super Stores' centennial year and join the North Hawaii Blue Zones community for an in-store health fair and cooking demo.

events DATE: 02/04/16

Lose Weight With the 80 Percent Rule

By Mari-Ela Chock
Residents living in the original Blue Zones® areas share common lifestyle habits called Power 9®. Eating wisely is one of them.

food DATE: 03/15/16