Well-Being Hawaii Goes Vegetarian

Christa Hester
January 13, 2016

To kick off the New Year, bloggers Christa, Jenn, and Rodney decided to try something new to them for two weeks: Vegetarianism.

At Well-Being Hawaii, we’re always looking for ways to improve our well-being. That may mean trying something new, or something we don’t particularly like, so we can be healthier. Often it’s hard to take that first leap, because let’s face it, change is difficult! But after the first step, it gets easier – we promise.

What is a vegetarian?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vegetarian as “a person who does not eat meat.” However, there are many forms of vegetarianism, from ovo-lacto vegetarian (eggs and dairy products are allowed) to vegan (no animal products are allowed, including eggs, dairy, beeswax, and honey). 

For the purposes of this experiment, we followed the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet – we only ate animal products that could be obtained without killing the animal.

How much food preparation does it take? 

If you’re trying out a new recipe, it may take longer. But for us, it was the same amount of preparation as a regular diet.

How expensive is it? 

If you’re not buying organic and fresh all the time, we found it was pretty cheap. After all, meat is often the big ticket item when shopping.

How difficult was it to eat out?

We thought eating out was fairly easy. Most places had at least one vegetarian option, so even if we didn’t have much of a choice, we were at least able to eat out.

Here are three of our favorite restaurants to eat at as vegetarians:

  • • Dew Drop Inn – Let them know about your dietary restrictions and they’ll accommodate you. They also offer a lot of vegetarian-friendly options on their menu.
  • • Downbeat Diner & Lounge – With the ability to make almost any of their dishes vegetarian or vegan, you and your meat-eating friends can share a meal here in peace.
  • • Loving Hut – Try tasty vegan versions of your favorite local dishes at this vegan chain restaurant.

Is it worth it?

If you make an effort to eat healthily, it’s worth it. Make sure you’re getting a balanced diet with enough protein, calcium, etc. And don't try to replace meat with cheese and grains – that doesn’t work and your body will let you know!

Vegetarian recipes we tried and loved:

Is there something you’ve wanted to change for your health and well-being? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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