What’s On Your Bucket List?

Hospice Hawaii
July 05, 2016

The commercials stay with you long after you watch them. In one, a kind grandmother diagnosed with a chronic illness takes inspiration from her cowboy-clad grandson and finishes a children’s book in his honor. In the other, a couple enjoys the husband’s last days by fulfilling his wish to live in a life-size tree house. The commercials are sad yet touching, and remind us of the most important things in life—people, hope, love.

These commercials are part of “My Bucket List,” Hospice Hawaii’s marketing campaign dedicated to changing the conversation of hospice care from being about death to being about life. Few people are comfortable talking about death and dying, as it can be a scary topic, often evoking a sense of fear and anxiety that’s associated with end of life. Hospice Hawaii is working hard to change this.

“Our new campaign is designed to make people more comfortable with the topic of hospice,” said Hospice Hawaii president and chief professional officer Kenneth Zeri. “The campaign supports our mission to bring hope, reduce fears and impact lives, while encouraging people to live life to the fullest and to make the most of the precious time they’re given.”

The “My Bucket List” campaign encourages people to share what’s on their bucket list by posting photos to Hospice Hawaii’s Facebook and their own personal Instagram and Twitter accounts using the hashtag #MyBucketListHI. Check out www.hospicehawaii.org/bucketlist to see what people are posting!

Hospice Hawaii is also reaching out to the local community to start the conversation about hospice care by partnering with local businesses to offer discounts on Bucket List activities. In addition, the team is giving presentations to Rotary Clubs, healthcare associations and senior centers throughout the community to share the message of the importance of hospice care. Chalkboards have been set up at high-traffic locations around Oahu, prompting passersby with the question “What’s On Your Bucket List?” and inviting them to add their items to the board. People loved seeing them at the Honolulu Night Market in June, so keep an eye out for the next chalkboard event! 

Visit the Hospice Hawaii website to learn more about “My Bucket List,” and find Hospice Hawaii on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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